I abruptly woke in my dad's car with Linkin Park music blasting in my ears. I could hear. My heart was beating so quickly that it felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. Breathing heavily, I looked around the car. I could see. There was no one in the car, just me. I could hear the high pitched voice of my sister talking to someone from outside of the car. My breathing had calmed down a bit and my heartbeat was going back to normal. I was shaking all over and I felt like I needed to get some air. I opened the car door and walked over to the trunk.

"It was all a dream, just a stupid dream," I said to myself as I pulled my cargo out of the trunk. The cargo was really heavy, but I was still a little shaken up. I looked up to find my sister talking with my Dad on the porch. I couldn't make out what they were talking about.

"Hey can I help you with those?" Said a male voice from behind. The voice was so soft and kind that it didn't make me jump. I turned around and saw a boy that looked just like Chris from my dream. I looked into his blue eyes, and nodded. He smiled and grabbed the bags from my hands.

"Thanks," I said softly.

"No problem, my mom noticed that you guys were moving in and made me come over here and help," He said smiling at me. He looked just like the boy from my dream, but he couldn't be...or could he...

"Um, I'm Alice by the way, what's your name?" I asked him as I began to tremble again.

"Oh, it's Christopher, just call me Chris," I turned and looked up at the huge tree that stood in the front yard of my new house. He looks like Chris from my dream and his name is Chris, this was not right. My eyes then shot directly to...the...door. I suddenly stopped. From outside I could only see the top half of the door. The door, like in my dream, stood ajar.

"Um, Chris I think I left something in my car, just go right in," I said almost in one breath. Chris looked a bit uncomfortable.

"Don't worry about my father, tell him your gay, that's what you were going to say right? I said once again in one breath. My eyes were still fixed on the door as if ready for it to move. Chris laughed.

"That's weird, I use that all the time, most of the men here with daughters in this neighborhood think I'm gay," said Chris laughing. I didn't even look at him nor did I laugh. I think it hurt his feelings, but I couldn't even remove my eyes from the door. Remembering I told Chris I left something in my car, I began to walk. Thoughts raced through my head, there was something vaguely wrong with this. I opened the driver's door entrance, sat down in the seat and closed the door.

My breathing became labored. I was panicking. I looked around the back seat for my bottle of water I had earlier. Once I found it, I took a large gulp and laid my head back to try to calm myself down. I felt as if I was going to vomit and my vision had became a bit blurry. I closed my eyes and tried to tell myself that its not true, that the dream was just a dream....and that Chris was just a coincidence. Maybe I saw him before, maybe he was someone I'd seen and then just had dreamt about.

"Alice, why don't you come inside?" said my dad, scaring me out of my mind, well what was left of my mind. I nodded.

"Well that doesn't tell me much, get out of the car and go pick out your new room," he said with a little bit of anger behind his words. I opened the door and started to walk toward the house. My dad was asking me questions, but I wasn't listening. I observed the house's exterior. It looked new, but it wasn't built in this century. It was like something was preserving it. There was a girl in the window at the top most part of the house. My heart stopped. I fell to my knees and my breathing failed. I gasped for air, but none entered.

"Oh may god, what's wrong honey, what's wrong!" my dad screamed at me, shaking me. My eyes were fixed on the girl. She had straight long pitch black hair and that rested on her shoulders. She had a very pale face and a soft smile. She mouthed the words "Come, come with me" I shook my head and the girl immediately had a frown on her face and the window curtains fell violently. I felt hands all over me and screams from my sister and my dad.

"I'm ok, I'm ok," I yelled. My breathing had went back to normal and I had calmed down a little bit. I felt my dad and my sister hugging me tightly.

"Are you ok baby?" said my dad kissing my on my head. I nodded.

"What happened out here?" Said Clare, acting as if she hadn't seen the hold thing. Justine was crying on my shoulder, this was one of the first times I had ever seen her show affection toward me.

"I'm ok Justine, just...something weird happened," I said to Justine, rubbing her back. I looked back up into the window where the girl was. She wasn't there and the curtains were back to normal.

"I wonder what happened," said Chris from out of nowhere.

"I think she might of had a panic attack," said my dad with a sigh of relief. He stood up and ran his fingers through his greying brown hair. Justine still held on tightly to me. I stood up also and hugged my sister back and kept telling her I was ok. We all stepped inside the house. I began to not to be the center of attention as everyone was observing the house. I didn't care about the rest of the house, that door was of my concern.