Keep me moving,
I don't know what,
never losing,
never in a rut,

Something's driving me tonight,
what can it be?
Something about this isn't right,
don't you see?

we ran in circles,
lacking any direction,
ignore lifes hurtles,
missing the connection,

but it keeps on driving me,
will it ever stop?
flowing constantly,
can I reach the top?

can't look down,
it's so far away,
to see the ground,
and the people would always say;

"Where are you heading...
with no direction in life?"
they always were betting,
never overcome this strife

will you reach a peak,
there is no coming down,
and all you ever seek
will soon be found,

why ever care about the world around you,
when they didn't help you here,
and reasons that you found trough,
ignorning all your fears,

twisted minds,
wrapped around eachother,
tangled vines,
growing one together,

it has been done,
what could never be,
you will never see,
why I call this fun...