I sat in silence as he was carried out
Shock on everyone's face, my hand on my mouth
All trying to assure themselves he would be fine
While he was slowly running out of time

Later I was told his pulse was not found
But even then hope didn't let me hit the ground
Panic all around, sad faces everywhere
A sound one wouldn't make, would not even dare

Soon a phone call was made, he was now dead
Suddenly I was gasping for air and spinning was my head
The pain in my chest, the tears in my eyes
My inhaler was not there to calm my attack

Slow recovery and faces came into view
Blurred voices telling me he's just as good as new
Puffy red eyes and tear stained faces surround me
As I lay there trying my best to smile

All I could ask was, "Is he okay, he's not dead?"
Replies, "He's fine, why will I lie to you, I'm your good friend!"
I was convinced this was the real truth
As I assure everyone that I'm absolutely fine

Everyone crying, sad faces all over school
The unending chilled monsoon wind and rain
Something was not right, something was amiss
Whispers everywhere followed by sad sorrowful looks

It was too much to take, isolating me in a room
I watched the rain coming down, the oddly green trees
I knew then, he was dead, but a fire of hope was still lit
Hope that my friends' words were true, that he wasn't dead

Finally I was let out of this prison I had been kept in
The rain pattering down and the cold chilling wind
As I was taken to the assembly hall, all asked me how I was
A fake smile I gave wishing they would all stop staring

My knees grew weak as I took my fateful seat
Dreading the truth, dreading the ghastly faces around me
How would they react, would I have another attack?
Hushed voices, the walls closing in, fear on all faces

The news was bad, it was sad, now he is no more
Shattered hope, the once burning candle now completely melted wax
Suppressed cries, silenced halls, as memories pass by
Silent prayers for his soul and his loved ones were said

Burning chills felt in my legs, chest, and on my face
This was the first time I felt actual life taking fear
I could feel my heart beat in my throat as I stood
Solemn faces all staring at me to make sure I'm okay

We walked out like robots with fixed expressions of grief
All forms of happiness seemed to be sucked out by a thief
How could a child so young be taken away from us?
Was the only thought in my head as I held onto the handle made of rust

This day was truly the day even the Gods above cried
Burning memories, burning dreams, burning away in a wisp of smoke
He'll always be in our hearts and his soul is not alone
After all he was and always will be a part of our school, our second home.