If life is full of sorrow, then it is also full of joy
There is much truth in the world, this along with lies
A moment lives forever, and another moment dies
And I hear the song of the skylark there in the distant sky

The given answers for the questions never asked
Where there is violence, there is peace found at last
And hate all over, comes along with never-ending love
With a want to live forever, yet give it all up

With a promise made, a promise is broken
Where one is crying, another out there is laughing
A child goes hungry, while another wastes all it has
And there are many questions with answers never had

In the graveyard one is buried, while in a home one is born
There is an ugly duckling, but with a heart of its own
One is very innocent, while another full of these lies
And finally in the end the innocence is sure to die

A single word spoken with a meaning so profound
Someone solves a problem, and another makes one arise
An innocent punished for the guilty one's crime
The want to take the dark and mingle it with the light

Lost in the thoughts of a rainbow colored sky
With thick dust in the air and a crystal clear stream
The ground so hard, and soft in just the right parts
All so ironic, and yet so much like a dream

The whole object of living is living life right
The decisions you make will pave your destiny tonight
So carefully choose the right path to lead you up the hill
And remember, a mockingbird one should never kill.