Falling in Love with You

Why do I like you so much that I can't stop crying?
these tears won't go away
I can't take it anymore
I'm just so tired of loving
and having my heart broken
again and again
it's the same thing
all over again
I'm getting involved
and I'm miserable
I just want to stop
Quit give up
before I fall in love with you
I'm so close to loving you
so damn close
but I don't want to fall in love
because once I fall
it's so much easier to get my heart broken
once you have my love
you have it all
and I'm not protected
I can't back down
I can't say forget this
I don't even know if I could say that now
I want to sometimes so bad
but then I don't
because you're so sweet
and so nice
and so cute
and so perfect
and I'm not
I'm so broken
and I need your help
I need you to glue me back together
but you can't, can you?
you have more important things to do
you have a life
something I haven't had for so long
I want one, but right now
you're all I have
and I don't want to lose you
but I don't want to fall in love
I don't want to be hurt again
I'm already broken
I don't think I take any more pain
any more heart-break
any more sorrow
God, why do I like you so much?
If I didn't it wouldn't be so hard to stop this
but I can't
I can't stop this
I can't give up on you
yet I keep waiting for something
something to change
something to make a difference
but while I'm waiting
I'm gonna fall in love
and then its going to hurt so much worse when I lose you
and I am going to lose you
because nothing is forever
and we can barely manage to get through a month
so what should I do
other then lie here in my tears
drowning and thinking of you
you're all I ever think of
you're everything to me
but you have so much power over me
I can float or drown
depending on how you act
and I hate that feeling of helplessness
but I love the feeling of happiness you give me
happiness has been so foreign to me for so long
and I don't know if this pain that comes with it is normal
I don't know what normal is
I've been broken for so long
and I can't just fix it
maybe if I could
this would be easier
maybe it would be harder
maybe, maybe I don't know
I don't know anything anymore.
just that I'm falling in love with you
and I can't help it