Soul Mate


It was another day of high school. Students were running and gossiping about anything new in the school world. Teachers were trying to act like they were in control of the school. The popular students ruled the school and everyone else followed.

It was after school and clubs were in session. There was every kind of clubs in Masen Lair High School. Art club was painting for an art show coming up. The football team was practicing in the field. The writing club was busy in the library typing on the computers. The science club was trying to make new discoveries. And from the music room sang a solo voice, which was beautiful, smooth, and perfect. The voice sang of love and happiness in life and projected the same thing.

The lovely voice belonged to the sophomore Christine Maykas. She was the best singer in her grade and highly liked by her music teachers. She had long, wavy, soft black hair, which reached the small of her back. Her eyes were a dark brown as her skin was a natural light tan. She wore no make up and kept it natural with her full lips and high cheekbones. Her body was fully mature for her young age. She had perfect curves in every aspect but she tried to hide it by wearing baggy jeans and a T-shirt to big for her.

Once her solo was done her teacher praised her nicely and told the class that it was time to leave. Everyone left from their stands to fetch their bags and books. Christine did also but as she reached for her bag a haughty voice interrupted her. "The teacher shouldn't have given you that solo. You sang it terribly. I would've made it sound perfect. I think he is getting senile at a young age," It was Stacey Jinkans, the girl was the second best sophomore singer in the school. Normally it was only allowed for seniors to get solos but for some unknown reason the teacher chose Christine for the part. Stacey than had the illusion that Christine was her rival and tried to make Christine's life a living hell.

Christine was used to it though so she tucked a lock of wavy black hair behind her ear and left with her bag over her shoulder and books under her arm.

She had to go to the library quickly to get a few books for a report due in two days. She hadn't even started it and she would be in big trouble with her grades if she didn't pass it. She entered the silent library and took note that the writing club was still typing at the computers.

She decided to stay quite and walked into the section that held the book she needed. Her hand lightly caressed the hems of the books a lined searching for her book. Once she found it she pulled it out and left the aisle. She was in the middle of the room and some sort of force would not let her move any farther. She looked towards the corner of the room something drawing her there. That's when she spotted for the first time that there was a girl sitting there in the dark corner using an old model computer.

Christine got curious and walked towards the girl. She was drawn to the girl. She wanted to find out why she would chose to be all alone in the corner than sitting next to her fellow authors.

Christine could see the girl had silky, straight sugar brown hair which reached her shoulder. The girl was in simple faded light blue jeans but she couldn't see the girl's shirt for she was wearing a jade green zipper sweater. She was deep into her typing, looking focused and serious. She amazed Christine. Could someone really be so serious with typing some story?

Christine finally sneaked behind the girl and was able to read what she was typing without making her notice her. She read little bits of it but what she read made her eyes open wide. What she read was engraved into her vivid imagination. What this girl wrote was not of happy things happening. What she wrote was something amazingly detailed. Perfect to imagine what happened. She wrote of death and tragedy. Of loved ones lost and evil succeeding. She wrote of pained souls and blood slowly flowing out of a person's body. She wrote something horrifying.

Forgetting that she was trying not to be noticed Christine leaned over the girl's shoulder so she could read the story better. But the girl was shocked and surprised and pushed Christine to the floor with much force. Christine landed with a thud and groaned in pain, as her bottom was now sore. The teacher quickly came and question what had happened. But Christine took full blame without even mentioning the other girl. It seemed to have satisfied the teacher for she walked away without looking back.

Christine than got up and rubbed her sore butt with gentle palms. She than grabbed the rolling chair next to the girl and sat down, grateful for the cushion.

"Was that really necessary?" Christine questioned still feeling uncomfortable with her sore butt. For the first time she looked at the girl's face and was amazed to see light hazel eyes and slightly pale skin. Her cheeks were high and rosy red and her lips were perfectly formed. It amazed Christine that she never noticed her before. The cute face turned to a frown and glared at her.

"It wasn't necessary for you to sneak behind me and read my work without permission." She scolds her with a harsh tone of voice. At first Christine was shocked that even in a harsh way the girl's voice was quite pleasant. She placed her hand behind her head as she giggled in agreement.

"My name is Christine Maykas," Christine stated with a smile as she got some composure back into her. She couldn't stop chuckling. This girl actually hurt her. It was kind of fun. Not many people are able to hurt her. Not only that but this girl was angry with her. She was glaring and everything. Christine just wanted to burst out laughing but controlled herself remembering she was in the library. "I like to be called Chris though."

"I'm Nicole Oak," Nicole answered. She couldn't believe that this girl...Christine she said her name was actually laughing when nothing funny really happened. In her head she thought mental. But finally Chris calmed herself and smiled nicely at Nicole.


"No. It's Nicole."

"Well I'm calling you Nicky," Chris answered stubbornly. She enjoyed the name Nicky. And she found it suited the girl better. Nicole sighed in frustration. What was wrong with this girl? She acted as bad as a child.

"Fine, whatever, I really don't care. It's not like you'll talk to me much," Nicole replied at she ran her hand through her hair. She didn't know why this girl frustrated her so easily. Normally she was calm and quiet. She never really liked talking to people and didn't normally speak at all in school. People didn't notice her. She was invisible. They never cared about her opinion and never asked for it. She was loner at school and she didn't mind. She didn't need a friend and didn't wish for one.

"What do you mean? I'm going to talk to you everyday at school or on the phone or even on the Internet. I want to be your friend," Chris confessed happily. She was interested in Nicky and she wanted to get to know her better to find out why. She never really met someone like Nicky. The girl seemed depressed and sad. Anyone could tell. But it seemed to be something deep inside the girl's heart. Chris wanted to know what it was.

"Yeah right." Nicole answered slightly. The nerve of this girl walking up to her and saying that they would be friends. She hated people like that. She would eventually hate the girl. She knew that for a fact. But all she saw was Christine's face puff up in small anger that actually made the strange girl look cute. But Nicole just gave her a look indicating that she didn't know why she looked like that.

"I'm serious. I want to be your friend," Chris contoured stubbornly. She never met someone who acted so mean. But she wanted to lighten the mood between them. "So what story are you writing?" She asked looking at the computer screen again.

Nicole was shocked that someone was taking interest in her work. She decided that she didn't know the girl well enough to actually be mean to her. "Short: this pair of twins taking revenge on the people who killed their parents." After that they had a long discussion about Nicole's story. Chris asked many questions to understand the story perfectly and nodded as she complimented Nicole for a great idea for the plot.

The writing club teacher checked her watch and gasped. She stood up and ordered everybody to save their work and leave. Nicole saved her work on a floppy to take it home with her and expected Chris to be gone by now. But as she looked up she was shocked to see Chris standing in front of her smiling.


"I'll walk with you," Chris answered simply waiting for Nicole to finish getting ready. She waited patiently even though in her mind she wanted to start tapping her foot indicating that it was taking long but she resisted the temptation.

Nicole was finally finished packing and started walking out the school. Chris stood right next to her. Chris started a simple conversation about which classes she had and other stuff about school. She didn't know why she told the truth to a complete stranger but she did. They were only going to have three classes in the future and that didn't mean much to Nicole but from some reason Chris frowned. She seemed disappointed about that Nicole didn't know why.

Chris stopped in front of a rather large house. It was painted a normal white with plenty of windows and one balcony that was Chris's room. In the drive in were two cars. Belonging to her parents meaning they're home. The house looked wealthy and Nicole couldn't believe they were stopping in front of it.

"This is where I live. See ya tomorrow, okay?" Chris waved good-bye as she ran towards the front door entering quickly. She looked through the window to see Nicole leaving, for some reason not wanting to part.

"What are you doing Christy?" Asked a feminine voice from behind her. She swirled around quickly from shock and clutched her heart. It was her older sister Robin. Robin was considered the pretty child for Chris never took it into consideration to stay neat. Robin had well kept curly ink black hair and coal colored eyes. People were always fascinated with her eyes. She wore small gray shorts with an equally gray sweater. She had glittery lip- gloss on and her normal everyday make up.

Robin was also in Masen Lair High School only she was a senior while Chris a sophomore. Robin was an A/B student. She never got bad grades and was perfect with her Spanish tongue. Their parents were very proud of her for her achievements but spoiled Chris nonstop.

"Nothin'," Chris shrugged walking past her sister to the living room to lay down on the couch. Robin followed her and sat down on the opposite side of her little sister. She looked at her sister with a look meaning she wanted to know the true reason. "I made a new friend. That's all. I walked home with her."

"That's great." Robin smiled at her. Robin was the only family member who Chris would ever truly care for. Her parents were never home so Robin was Chris's guardian and they had a sister understanding. Robin got up and stretched from exhaustion. She looked at her little sister and said, "I know you haven't started that report due in two days, and I'm telling you Christy if you don't finish 3/4s of it today you won't be happy with the consequences." Robin knows everything, the thought came to Chris's mind.

Chris nodded at her sister not angry or mad at her. She got up from the couch and went up the stairs to her room and closed the door behind her. She went straight to her bed and fell face down. She had thoughts of Nicole running through her head. Why hadn't she noticed her before? Why was she all alone? She couldn't think straight because of those thoughts. She was so curious about someone she didn't know.

Than she just remembered. She has a performance tomorrow. She groaned allowed. She forgot again about her performance and now Robin was going to kill her for making another short notice trip. She than grinned. It was funny seeing her sister mad.

Chris closed her eyes, back into her previous thoughts. How could someone who looked so cute not have been noticed before? Chris popped her eyes open wide shocked by her thoughts. Cute? She hadn't said cute since she was 9. She hadn't said nor done a lot of things since she was 9 and one of them was say cute.

Chris tried to think over her thoughts to why she had said cute. Sure Nicole was quite good looking. But why would she say cute for that? She didn't understand. She than came to reason that she was a girl. It was a friendly response from a girl to think cute. That was it.

She relaxed again letting her tense muscles smoothen out so she was calm and tranquil. She closed her eyes and accidentally fell asleep. Into her own little world where she was in complete control.