Glancing at you, by my side, you grow a smile on my face.
I can't help but smile and grin when you're asleep.
You're face is so innocent, and you look so cute:
I guess the emotions within is something very deep.
It's not just about taking care of you any more,
It's about smiling and laughing 'till I hurt my jaw!

Sitting here, by you, it makes me feels honoured.
Honoured to see my angel sleep so peacefully and beautifully.
I used to think that keeping you happy would become a chore,
But know I know it causes joy to me, I want to enjoy joy fully.
Strange, isn't it? Just a few years ago, we would never thought of this.
But now we are here like this, the world is full of happiness and bliss.

Through words, I can't communicate the way I feel for you.
There's no desire to kiss you like your boyfriend would.
There's no need to fight with you like siblings to all the time.
And it's not necessary to teach you in the way only a father could
Instead, These feeling I harbour are just like any other friends one.
But amplify those feelings a million old, and the description's done.

To lose you, would be the end of me. That much you know.
I know that if up and left you, you wouldn't like it too much either.
I guess there's a special link between you and me, something unique.
And I know in the absence of this link, we both would have a fever.
But don't worry, my angel, your little devil here won't up and leave you.
And if everything else I told you was a lie, you know that much is true.