You never saw my deep loving stares at you, I guess.
I suppose that time should've made me love you less.
But that was years ago now, and it's still strong and true.
How nice would it be for you to love me, like I love you.
It's the one rejection I'll never really accept,
And it's because you're unlike any other girl I met.

Can't you see? Don't you read between my lines?
Can't you see that I'm giving you all the signs?
I admit, it's your love I need, and not another's.
You know in my heart, I want us to be deep lovers.
You took all weekend to give me your answer to my proposal.
But in your eyes, my love for you should be in the disposal.

These emotions in me and left unsatisfied,
And yet, those emotions have since intensified.
I can't comprehend why I've been denied again,
Because I've shown you my heart, just like Efrén.
The first time, you thought that I didn't quite love enough before,
But what's the reason now? Why must you crush my heart on the floor?
I've shown my love to be stronger than any other man's,
Yet, rejection is your choice, as you push away my hands.