False Is Me

I don't have long blonde hair

Or a ruffle skirt

Or a Hollister card

Or a perfect boyfriend

But I'm a fake

And I won't deny it

I'm not what you'd call preppy

I thought I was loyal

To what was inside

And all that I am

But I'm a fake

And I had to hide it

I dress about the way I want to

Usually like what I do

Often say what I think

Wish that I did

But I'm still fake

As plastic as can be

People tell me I have friends

I'm nicer to people I hate

Then the ones I like

Damn guilt

I became a fake

Because I had to be

Then I'm a complete prude

Who wants love

While I won't admit it

I'm a questioner

But I'm a fake

Because I might just know

Maybe I'm not a Barbie doll

But how many smiles

How many calls

How many lies

How much pretending

Have I really done?