My sexuality vacillates to asexuality,
and this can be, the ultimate choice.
And that would be to choose, he or she?
Give up on both sexes, it becomes a
hindrance, and cannot perish before me.
So look at this face of convulsion and
frustration, can both just dwindle, away
from my unbalanced, tottery kind of grasp?
This daunting on me, I wish it would
deteriorate, and I could become numb.
Take a step back to square one again,
and still the question, is it he or she?

A/N: Tonight... bad, bad night. This all just makes me want to say,
to hell with both sexes! They're both not doing it for me eh? Sexuality
is a brutal subject, and I am no longer fucking labelling myself. SO RAWR!
If you understand this (poor excuse of a...)poem at all *SHOCK!!!*
I applaud you.