(Note: This is a series of shorts, scraps and partially thought out ideas. Most of these will probably be very incomplete and rough in their construction so don't expect anything too horribly fantastic

--This Is A Test--

--Table Of Contents--

01 - - Cityscape ((abstract, experimental)) Inspired by several pieces from 'The Complex' album by Blue Man Group coupled with their live videos from the 'Complex Rock Tour'. Sort of an odd piece, takes place in a mildly futuristic setting, but is really just mirroring the modern day.

02 - -
Stars Above (romance,experimental) Sort of a romantic/tragedy pieced based in a universe similar to the one used in 'Cityscape'. A more narrative piece that serves as a companion piece. May be a bit confusing.

03 - - The Mirror (monologue, musings) Written while listening to the 'Hybrid Theory' album by Linkin Park so that may show a little bit. Kind of a disgraced hero sort of piece, originally had more to it, but now it's a stand alone.

04 - - Tainted (story fragment, surreal/horror) My prefered sort of work, mainly macabre sorts of surrealism. The nightmares of someone in an insane asylum, waking from their trance. Mostlya dream sequence, sort of goes along with 'Silhouettes' from ffn.

05 - - Faded (story fragment, experimental) Revolves around a supposed suicide---a very vague one to say the least---and the mental state that is derived from such an act (which would be shown in future parts if they're forthcoming). Hope to continue this sometime.

06 - - Phoenix's Ashes (disjointed, experimental) An offshoot of the corrupted fairy tale world I wanted to portray, sort of evolved into something else by the end (which proves that I shouldn't write past One AM ever). May be molded into something else sometime.

07 - - Rewind (experimental, loop) Sorta of the same vein as Phoenix's Ashes, but less disjointed and a whole lot more obvious. I'd say this is just an expression of futility.

08 - - Closer (semi-normal, dreamer) Kind of one of those impossible dream fics, but still very rough in how it's put together.

09 - - Blank (semi-poetic, experimental) just me messing around with formatting, very vague and largely without a beginning or an end, just middle. I suppose it could be called apocalyptic.

10 - - The Day The Devil Came To Town (short, semi-horror)Just as the title says.

- - Upcoming Shorts - -

11- - Wasteland (story fragment, war) Revolves around the isolation of a specific group of fighters, far from home and trapped amidst a desert wasteland

12- - Fray (story fragment, surreal/horror) Goes along with Tainted, but is most likely going to be a lot more explicit and bloody. May be a snapshot of personal torment and the hell it brings.

13- - Untitled (short, horror) Very basic little story about a murder during a stormy night, though hopefully not too stereotypical.