(Author's Note: Adaptation from a fanfic of mine. One Shot.)

-The Day The Devil Came To Town-

The world was a swirl of lights and sound before, faces blurring as he felt himself roughly pushed and pulled onto a platform. Mind still reeling he found himself stumbling on unsure feet as they prodded him into place. Somebody was yelling to the crowd, but he couldn't make out the words, the crowd melting into an undulating wave of cloth and flesh.

Staring at the crowd with a single, half-swollen eye he felt his stomach twisting into knots, the hair on the back of his neck raising on end as he felt their stares. He could sense the hatred that radiated from their angry stares and immediately he averted his eyes as though he were a child caught stealing candied chestnuts. Even in his dazed state, however, he knew it was for something far worse that he found himself there. Slowly he found his senses returning to him and he opened his eye to the crowd, but still their movements blurred their faces, the anonymity of the crowd having taken control of their conscience.

"What…" He choked out softly and the speaker grew silent for a moment, moving to the prisoner's side and bringing his muzzle next to his ear.

"Tis your execution…thought you would have figured that out by now," the speaker whispered softly in an almost kindly tone, as though they were sharing a bit of gossip over a bit of wine, "Don't worry, you'll be in a far better place soon enough."

"Ex—execution? He—here?" he choked on the words as tasted the bile building up in the back of his throat, mixing with taste of blood now omnipresent on his tongue.

"Aye, never would have thought here of all places, but it tis so. They never suspected you before either, shocked a good lot of 'em, you did," the speaker's face was obscured by a veil of shadows as he moved before him, only his grin revealed by the sun.

"Bu—but—" he began before the speaker cut him off with a raise of his paw.

"For the benefit of others I should suggest that you stay silent now," the beast whispered, waving a paw across the crowd and there he found them.

They were a small group at best, frozen in place as the crowd shifted around them, all of their eyes focused upon him, but there was no hatred in their eyes. There was pity and fear, but no anger and slowly he found the world darkening, the sun's last rays reaching far across the field in which they stood.

He wanted to ask for their forgiveness for whatever transgression had brought him here, he wished to ask for their help, but he knew they could not as the shadow of the mob swirled about them ruthlessly. To help him would mean their certain death. He could see it lurking in the crowd, shadows much like the speaker, all of them stood beside the innocents. They stood, isolated and chained by their inaction, the shadows ready to dispatch them otherwise.

"Shall I assume that I have your cooperation then?" the speaker snickered softly before raising both paws to the crowd, the movement seeking as everything beyond the wooden platform seemed to fade into the shadows, "Justice shall be served this day!"

A cry of approval erupted from the darkness, hundreds of eyes watching them from the unseen depths. Steadily rose a thumping of weapons on shields as they waited for what was to happen next. They urged it along as he was grabbed forcefully and slammed against a post, a bag forced over his head as he felt a rope bite into his neck, the cries of the crowd growing ever louder.

"But justice shall not end with these walls!" the crowd grew louder at this statement, a bloodlust growing amongst the mob, "We shall bring justice to the righteous! The scum of the earth shall do right to tremble this day!"

With that he felt the floor beneath his footpaws give way, his breath caught in his throat as the rope held him suspends and suddenly all fell silent. All that could be heard was his soft choking coughs as his lungs cried for air, limbs thrashing out in vain against the rope that bound them. Then, as his body spasmed and shook its last a great cry went up from with the church courtyard.

It was the cry of victory…

The devil had found its way into the heart of man…