Two girls stepped into a bedroom lit by candles and smelling of roses. One girl was tall and dark skinned with even darker hair while the other was a normal height with fair creamy white skin and red brown hair. The red head was blindfolded as she walked into the room.

"Angel?" The fair skinned girl's voice was smooth and held excitement but also a bit of nervousness.

"I'm here baby." The dark skinned girl now known as Angel walked to stand behind the fair skinned one then proceed to remove the blindfold slowly then moving to wrapped her arms around the red head's waist. The blue green eyes of the red head took in the site of the room before smiling and turning in Angel's arms.

"Aww hunnie." Dark brown eyes stared into the bluish green eyes that would soon be her lovers before bending down to gently kiss the girl in her arms.

"I love you Lizzie and this night is for you." Angel kissed Lizzie again more passionately but no less gently.

Angel gently pushed Lizzie towards the bed never breaking their kiss; once they reached the edge of the bed Angel slowly pulled down the straps of Lizzie's red shirt reveling her shoulders.

Pulling away from the kiss only to pace butterfly kisses along her soon to be lover's shoulders and neck, loving to soft sounds coming from the woman she was holding. After a minute Angel continued with the removing of Lizzie's shirt taking her bra off with the shirt.

The shirt finally gone, Angel gazed at her girlfriend's breasts for a few seconds before caressing them with her fingertips. Lizzie moaned softy before tugging on Angel's shirt obviously wanting it removed as well. Angel laughed slightly at the red head.

"Not yet baby not yet, first these come off." Angel linked her finger through the belt loop on Lizzie's jeans and tugged on it to show her what she meant. Lizzie gave a whimpering noise and looked up at Angel and tugged on her shirt again.

"No off, I want to see you." She stared straight into Angel's eyes and gave a slight pouting face. Angel sighed after staring at the beautiful face of her girlfriend for a few seconds.

"Alright baby." Angel removed her hands from Lizzie's body and with practiced ease removed her shirt leaving her lace black bra on. Lizzie gave another whimper this time in frustration as the bra blocked her view of her girlfriend's milk chocolate breasts. Lizzie moved her hands to removed the bra herself but Angel stopped her.

"Your jeans first, darlin'" Lizzie tugged her jeans off and stepped out of them.

Angel stood there gazing at the heavenly creature that was her girlfriend that was now clad in only red lace panties. Seconds passed and she saw Lizzie shift a bit under her gaze and smiled once again before cupping Lizzie's face.

"Your absolutely beautiful." A blush crept it way to the red head's cheeks and Angel's smiled turn to a grin. "Now you can remove it." A grin formed on Lizzie's face that matched Angel's at the thought of undressing her girlfriend.

Lizzie reached up slowly pulling down the straps of Angel's bra, her eyes following the straps decent, her eyes taking in every inch of newly reveled skin. Angel shivered slightly as warm hands ran down her arms.

Once she freed Angel's arms on the straps she let the bra drop to the floor. She ran her fingers up Angel's sides then slowly traced the sides of her breast. Angel gave a soft moan then took hold of Lizzie's hands and place them on her hips, taking the hint Lizzie began to remove Angel's pants sliding them down Angel's long legs. Seconds later they both stood in only their underwear.

Angel picked Lizzie up and placed her on the bed before crawling on top of her. She stared into Lizzie's eyes before moving to kiss her forehead then her eyelids the moving to place a gentle kiss on the tip of her nose, finally she moved to kiss the light pink lips of the girl she loved but when she was just a few centimeters away from her lips she stopped. She could feel Lizzie's breath caressing her moist dark lips.

"I love you." She whispered softly before pressing her lips to Lizzie's in a passionate kiss. Lizzie moaned into the kiss and Angel grinned at the sound. The red head brought her arms up to caress her dark haired lover's back.

Angel was drowning in the kiss; loving the feel of her girlfriend's lips on hers. She wanted the kiss to last forever but knowing they had to breath sometime soon so Angel pulled back. Lizzie's eyes were now shinning with passion and she was taking deeper breaths.

Still grinning Angel kissed down Lizzie's neck to her breast making sure not to miss one area of skin. She wanted to remember this; to remember every inch of Lizzie's body; to remember every sound she made with every touch; this was there first time together and Angel wanted to remember it all.

Angel let her body rest on Lizzie's without putting her full weight on her lover. Lizzie's flesh was warm and Angel let her mind float into the heavenly feel of it before capturing Lizzie's right nipple into her mouth and suckling it gently. Lizzie laid her hands flat on Angel's back and pressed her move onto her as she let out a soft moan.

Lizzie's crotch was pressing into Angel's lower stomach and Angel could feel her wetness through her underwear, the feeling made Angel head swirl but she continued her attentions on Lizzie's breast. Gently sucking and nibbling at one while caressing the other softly with her hand, listening to Lizzie's whimpers and moans of pleasure. Once she'd given them enough attention Angel kissed a tail down her lover's stomach making sure to give her belly button an extra kiss making Lizzie giggle slightly.

The smile on Angel's face vanished when she met Lizzie's lace panties. Growling at them slightly she hooked her hands through the hems and pulled them down her girlfriend's leg making sure to give them little kisses as she went down. When the annoying article of clothing was off Angel gave a triumph smile as she tossed them over her shoulder to land somewhere in the room.

She kissed her way back up her lovers legs this time making sure to kiss the birth mark on her outer thigh. Once again back at the junction between her lover's legs she took a deep breath inhaling the sweet-spicy scent of her lover. Angel's eyes shown with love and lust as she looked up only to met the blue-green eyes of the one she loved.

Lizzie was now resting her upper body weight on her elbows as she stared down at Angel watching her with eyes that you wanted to just fall into. Angel waited a minute to see if she'd tell her no or that wasn't ready but all she got was a loving smile that she took as a sign to go on. Angel returned the smile before breaking the sweet eye contract.

Angel placed a soft kiss on Lizzie's lower lips before pushing her red head's legs open wider. For a second Angel just took in her lover's shaved pussy and light pink lips that were glistening with her wetness until Lizzie gave a whimper of impatience and wiggled her hips a bit to make sure Angel knew what she wanted, this only made Angel grin and stare for a few seconds more before lowering her lips once again this time licking cum off her love's outer folds. Hearing only a delighted moan from Lizzie she continued slowly licking very where she could, making sure to suckle gently at her clit once and awhile.

Lizzie's soft moans began to get louder as she fell back onto the bed unable to keep herself up any more. She pressed her hips up more into her dark hair beauty's mouth every time her mouth moved to her clit.

Minutes felt like hours as Angel licked, sucked and nibbled away trying to see how many different sounds she could get her lover to make before she sent her over the edge. Lizzie's breathing quickened and became deeper; she wrapped her legs around Angel's body and lanced her fingers through her hair pulling her even closer to her. Angel grinned as she sent her lover over the edge screaming her name.

After Lizzie calmed down Angel crawled back up her body and gave her a soft kiss.

"I almost forgot you were a screamer for a second." Angel laughed and Lizzie looked up at her.

"Stay with me and I'll make you one too." Angel raised an eyebrow at her then grinned again.

"I doubt that but feel free to try." Lizzie laughed before kissing Angel again.

"I love you." Lizzie's eyes shined with her love and Angel left a warm feeling spread over her body.

"I love you too baby never forget that." Angel's voice was soft and loving.

"I won't I promise." And they kissed again.