Chapter 2

Lizzie bought her hands up to run them through her lover's hair causing the dark skinned beauty to moan into their kiss before deepening it. Lizzie noticing the reaction did it again this time tugging slightly.

Angel broke the kiss moaning loudly. "God…you know it's hard to focus on kissing you with you doing that." Angel whispered out in a husky voice. Lizzie just giggled and did it again.

Seeing that her lover was planning on stopping at the moment Angel closed her eyes in bliss and laid her head down on Lizzie's chest. Seconds passed and Angel began to subconsciously run her fingertips up and down Lizzie's sides. Lizzie's soft whimper brought her back to the real world.

"You done with my hair yet Baby; I would like to continue?" A second passed before Lizzie removed her hands. "Thank you…now what was I doing before you decided to have a petting session?" Angel said playfully.

"You were kissing me." Lizzie slowly licked her lips as Angel stared at her with hungry eyes before proceeding to kiss the red head.

Angel waited a few second before continuing her fingers exploration of her lover's body. Tracing them along Lizzie's sides and her breasts before breaking their kiss and whispering in Lizzie's ear.

"I love touching you…" She ran her fingers along the edge of Lizzie stomach. "Kissing you…" She kissed the tip of Lizzie's ear letting her fingers move lower. "And I really love the sounds you make when I touch you." Her fingers brushed over Lizzie's clit making her let out a loud moan. "But what I really love is you." Angel began nibble on Lizzie's ear as her fingers continued their work on her lover's most private place.

Angel moved her fingers in a quick circle motion over the tip of her love's clit. Lizzie's moans turned into short screams as she neared climax; just a few more circles and she go over her edge but Angel did not want her to cum just yet. Stopping her fingers movements, she nibble on Lizzie's ear once more before moving to look her in the eye; pleading and frustrated eyes stared back at her. The look Lizzie had on her face was half angry and half hope but Angel just smiled and continued to look down at the girl she loved.

"You don't like that I stopped do you?" Angel giggled slightly, as more anger crept it's way across Lizzie face at Angel's mocking statement.

"No I don't." She half glared at Angel as she laughed once again

"Don't give me that look Baby; I could very well just get up now and leave you here frustrated." Angel waited a few seconds and Lizzie's face did not lose the glare, so she moved to climb off of Lizzie.

Lizzie seeing this move grabbed hold of Angel's panties and kept her from trying to move again. "No you will stay here until I'm done with you." Lizzie smirked as Angel chuckled a bit.

"I could get out of this hold just by getting out of my panties ya know." Lizzie just continued to smirk at her for a second before somehow flipping them over so she was on top.

"Now you can't get out." Angel grinned up at her lover.

"I could if I wanted to." Lizzie traced a finger along Angel's arm.

"Do you want to?" Lizzie stared down at Angel.

"Nope, now where's my kiss." Lizzie smiled then moved to kiss her lover the kiss she requested.

Angel let Lizzie control the kiss until she felt a hand fondle her breast. She moaned into the kiss before deepening it and rubbing her tongue against Lizzie's in a passionate kiss.

Never breaking their kiss Lizzie moved her legs to rested against the outer sides of Angel's thighs so when she sat up she'd be sitting on the lower half of her lover's thighs.

Angel once again moaned into their kiss and fought the urge to flip them over and ravish the heavenly creature that was now above her but she would let Lizzie have her fun this time.

Letting Lizzie once again control their kiss as a sign of her submission…she would stay on the bottom for now.

Lizzie brushed her lips against Angel's once more before pulling back and smiling happily down at Angel. Her eyes were lit and shimmering, and her breathing wasn't quite even, her breasts were taut and Angel could see the hardness of her nipples. Angel mind was reeling; it had only been I few seconds and her minds was already screaming at her to flip them over.

A whispered I love you drifted into the air from Lizzie's lips and before Angel had a chance to reply to it Lizzie hot mouth was upon her skin.

Low whimpers escaped Angel's lips as Lizzie kissed and licked the area around and between her breasts and hands caressed every area of her body they could get at. Whimpers grew louder as Lizzie's lips descended to her breasts and finally her nipples.

Angel slowly closed her eyes and arched her back before moving her hands up to grip them in her lover's hair and let out a loud moan as Lizzie nibble lightly on her nipple then pulled it with her teeth. "Gods Baby." The husky words slip through her lips as she opened her eyes and gazed at her teasing partner.

A low short giggle was Lizzie's only reply but she continued teasing her lover's nipples. All almost immediately more loud moans came from Angel; Lizzie had been given her freedom of being on top and she was taking full advantage of it. Lizzie was trying to drive her insane with this continued teasing and on top of that the smell of her arousal filled the air, making Angel want her even more.

Minutes passed and Lizzie finally stopped and grinned as she took in the site of her girlfriend. "Had enough now, Kitten?"

Angel huffed. "Your grinning like a cat and you're calling me kitten?"

Lizzie giggled and gave Angel a light kiss. "Answer the question."

"Quite demanding aren't we…yes, I have had quite enough of your teasing and if you don't think so I well happily flipped us over." Angel stared up at Lizzie, her lust and love for her lover shinning in her eyes.

"No, no, no I'm done. I've been waiting to taste you for to long." A shudder ran down Angel's spine as her partner's words.

"I'm not making you wait."

Lizzie ran the tip of her tongue over her top lip. "Good."

Moving down Angel's body she made sure to leave idle kisses along the way. She spread Angel's legs and gazed at her lovers glistening lips, she licked her lip again before flicking her tongue over Angel's clit.

Angel let out a short scream having to been prepared for her to do that. Lizzie just smiled to herself and continued to lick and suck every area she could find. Loud moans filled the room as Angel did her best not to scream and Lizzie wasn't trying to make it easier.

Lizzie moved her hand to caress the area a little above Angel's left thigh making her let out a long loud scream that made Lizzie shudder.

Angel took a deep breath. "Don't do that."

Lizzie took her mouth away from Angel's pussy and made eye contact. "And why not?" She caressed the spot again and continued to leaving Angel no room to reply.

"My God, Baby." Angel licked her lips and closed her eyes once again in bliss. Lizzie smiled and went back to her treat, this time thrusting her tongue in and out of her lover's sweet passage.

Thrusting her hips up to match the thrusts of Lizzie's tongue, Angel's breathing quickened and her hands griped the sheets and her climax neared.

Continuing the caress of her lover's sweet spot, Lizzie quickened to pace of her tongue sending Angel over the edge screaming.

Angel took a minute to calm down before she pulled Lizzie up for a searing kiss. "I love you." She whispered breathlessly after the kiss ended.

"I love you too, Kitten." She gave Angel another light kiss.

"Good." Angel flipped them over and began nibbling on Lizzie's ear and her fingers pinched and pulled her nipples. "Now it's my turn."