Angel: * Kisses Lizzie passionately while circling Lizzie's right nipple with her finger tip before pulling it lightly then move to nibble at Lizzie's neck as she moved her fingers to caress Lizzie's stomach *

Lizzie: mmm

Angel: * Makes a trail of light kisses down to Lizzie's breast then caresses her left breast with her tongue before sucking Lizzie's nipple roughly into her mouth while her fingers moved across Lizzie's stomach down to caress her thighs before cupping her pussy *

Lizzie: mmm, Angel

Angel: * Lets her thumb brush against Lizzie's clit as her fingers circle her hole while she pulled and nibble at Lizzie's nipple before switching to her other breast *

Lizzie: ahh, you're good

Angel: * Rakes her teeth lightly over Lizzie's nipple then lets the tip of her finger enter Lizzie's hole and rest there with her thumb pressed to her lover's clit. She waits a second before sucking Lizzie's nipple into her mouth and thrusting her finger more into her *

Lizzie: * Moans loudly*

Angel: * pulls at Lizzie's nipple, flicking her tongue over it then proceeds to slowly thrust into her before releasing her nipple and kissing her breast then moves to kiss and lick my way down Lizzie's stomach to her navel *

Lizzie: * Moans Angel's name *

Angel: * Caress' Lizzie's navel with her tongue before dipping her tongue into it quickly then moves down to Lizzie's pussy. Removes her thumb only to replace it with her mouth sucking gently with her fingers still slowly thrusting into her lover *

Lizzie: * Starts to moan a lot *

Angel: * Smiles and flicks her tongue over her girlfriends clit and adds another finger then continues to slowly thrust into Lizzie, as she pressed her pussy onto Lizzie's leg *

Lizzie: Angel....

Angel: * Roughly suckles Lizzie's clit into her mouth before releasing it to watch her fingers as they entered her lover's body, continuing the slow torture while rubbing her pussy against her girlfriend's leg *

Lizzie: mmmm

Angel: * Still slowly thrusting her fingers into her lover; she moves back up to suckle gently on Lizzie's neck *

Lizzie: mmm * Thrusts her hips up hoping Angel will go faster *

Angel: * Chuckles lightly moving to nibble on Lizzie's ear then continues slowly thrusting grinning against her girlfriend's ear *

Lizzie: * Moans * Kitten faster.

Angel: * Moves to kiss Lizzie lightly then stare into her eyes still grinning * Say please first baby.

Lizzie: Please kitten.

Angel: * Kiss' Lizzie again more passionately as she quickened the pace of her fingers once again brushing her thumb across Lizzie's clit with every few thrusts of her fingers *

Lizzie: mmmm Angel.... * Deepens their kiss trying to hold back a scream *

Angel: * Caress' Lizzie's tongue with hers then begins thrusting her fingers more roughly into her lover *

Lizzie: * Moans into Angel's mouth letting her tongue explore her lover's mouth while she gripped her hands in Angel's hair *

Angel: * Closing her eyes she moans into their kiss at the sensation of Lizzie's fingers in her hair. She'd turned her fingers inside Lizzie still roughly thrusting *

Lizzie: * Breaking their kiss then whispering in Angel's ear * Make me cum kitten; I'm so close.

Angel: * Smiling she'd move to nibble and pull roughly at Lizzie's nipple quickening the pace of her fingers *

Lizzie: * Starts to scream Angel's name *

Angel: * Gives Lizzie's other breast the same treatment before moving to suckle roughly on her lover's clit keeping the place of the quick-rough thrust of her fingers *

Lizzie: * Still screaming Angel's name she starts to cum *

Angel: * Letting her fingers rest inside her girlfriend as she continued sucking on her clit as her lover rode out her climax *

Lizzie: ahh Angel oh my god....

Angel: * Waits till her lover calms down before releasing her clit and slowing pull her fingers out of her then licks her fingers clean while staring at Lizzie *

Lizzie: mmm * Pulls Angel up to her and kisses her passionately *

Angel: * Moans into the kiss before pulling back * I love you

Lizzie: I love you too