A Prayer for Kristin

From the moment of her birth, she grows
Up from the earth, a rising rose
Small with youth, green with dew,
A fragile life, yet vibrant and new.

She stands on her own, apart from the rest;
Her roots run deep; they'll withstand any test.
With a single purpose she stands with the best
Absorbing the sunlight; she's beautiful, she's blessed.

And slowly, with time, her blossom unfolds;
She displays to the world the Truth that she holds;
Spring rain falls around her and carries perfume
From within her, inside her, to the dark and the gloom.

And those in the corners, in the shadows of fear
See the hope in her eyes and slowly draw near
To a peace, to a joy, never seen before,
To a rose glowing bright in the light of the Lord.