I never thought I could feel this way
I never thought I could find a love
That is so pure, so true
The way he talks to me,
The way he makes me feel
It's like I mean something
It's like there's more than what I thought real
How could he fall for someone like me?
How is it that we are meant to be?
Soul mates, is what we are
Soul mates, that's how it feels
We have a connection
A special bond that only those in love share
This feeling is so new
It makes me feel alive
It makes me feel like I can fly
And I sit here and wonder
How is it that I found you?
You're all I want
All I've ever wanted
You're everything I want you to be and more
You understand
You're not just a boy, but a man
My heart races whenever I talk to you
I just want you to hold me and never let go
Keep me safe and away from harm
Hold me tight; keep me warm
I can't wait to be with you
But until then, know that I love you