Soon enough, you will know.
You will understand.
Your eyes will open to the world,
Wondering, naive, optimistic.

You will not see my grave face,
My undying stare.
You will never know my pain,
Hidden behind my own wide eyes.

Your wings are opening,
Slowly, tremulously.
I understand.
It's hard to fly the first time.

Hard to take the first dive,
And harder to know
That your own two wings
Can keep you alive.

Soaring high, so high above,
Looking down in utter awe,
The only things keeping you safe
Are part of you, yourself.

My wings were broken.
Useless. No good.
I trusted them, but they
Hideously betrayed me.

Dropped me sharply at the base of
His great height, crumpled and helpless.
Looking up into his eyes,
I saw nothing.

But you will never see
The emptiness that haunted me.
He is a skeleton in my closet.
He will never come for you.