Perpetual Sunshine

She had a look on her face, a look of perpetual sunshine…eerily happy. I stood there transfixed, mesmerized by the strangeness of it all. Her lips parted and out came this high-pitched, maniacal laughter. It reminded me of guitar strings…except the strings were pulled so tight that they just snapped making this awful, musical clanging noise that grates against your ears. She is an exhibitionist, you know. Exhibit #1: Teeth, always wear them openly. Show people that you are still young enough to have them. Remember to wear a pleasant expression as you show the teeth, lest people begin to think that you are snarling and thus trying to bite them. These are the types of things that go through her head. Maybe happy people are crazy. Then again, if she has to make such a show of being happy, then maybe she really isn't happy at all. Logically, the sun comes and goes. A state of eternal sunshine cannot be a natural state of being, not to mention healthy. The sun has been known to cause cancer in some cases. In this case, sunshine is purely symbolic, but then again the soul could develop some sort of malignant disease from exposure to endless sunshine. Anything in excess is sin! I heard a priest say that once. Sinful Smiles! I wonder how long she will have to spend in purgatory for that one? Her smile seems to fade and eyes that were wrinkled with laughing lines, end up being soused in tears. The smiling girl is sobbing, quite wretchedly so. The spasms shake her, like a violent seizure of the soul or a demonic exorcism… the exorcism of the sinful smiles, I guess. Smiles one minute and tears the next. Maybe, she is bipolar. That might make it better. Then she wouldn't be a happy anomaly, but would enter into the same state of insane normalcy that the rest of the world lives in. Ah! If only we could all be so normal.