Karym returned home a few days later, still wrapped up in thoughts of Nick. Visits with friends and the mad rush of getting ready for another year at school soon crowded her mind, however, and she was able to put the incident behind her-she had almost forgotten about the sureal feeling that summer vacation had given her until she recieved in the mail during the fall break. It was a large, plain envelope, with cardboard in it as though protecting photographs. She opened it slowly and found a drawing of Akana, sleeping in the sunshine on a small ledge beside a hidden cove. Watching her was a young man, a troubled look on his face, accentuated by shadowing- he stood half in shadow, half in the sun. In his shadowed hand was held a toy figurine of a mermaid, while his empty right hand was reaching for Akana and the sun.
With the picture was a phone number and a question mark.