AN: Hello fellow readers. This is my latest creation brought on by the endless amount of stories I have seen about girls dressing as guys and attending all-boys schools. They are everywhere it seems! I have decided to twist this seemingly cliché plotline and add some humor also. Hopefully you enjoy it. The prologue is just to get everything going. The fun stuff begins in chapter one. So read and enjoy!

P.S. I own the characters and the plotline. Please do not take them without my permission.

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The Joys of Being a Girl
by Aolahani


"This is dull," Luke Richards said looking over at his friend, Mack Wilson. The so-called party of the year was turning out to be a dud.

"No kidding," Mack replied scanning the room for anything of interest and finding none.

"I know what will liven things up!" Luke exclaimed his face lighting up.

"What?" Mack asked curious.

"A bet!"

"No way! I always lose, and I'm short enough on cash as it is."

"Oh come on, Mack. I'll even let you make the bet and the terms." Mack mulled this over in his mind for a moment before his eyes landed on a blonde girl sitting on the couch engrossed in a novel.

"Okay," Mack said as he turned to look at his friend. This was one bet he was not going to lose. "I bet you couldn't get Lacy Freeman to leave with you." Luke's eyes darkened. Lacy hated him.

"And If I win?"

"You get my car." Luke whistled. Mack loved his car. He had built his cherry red convertible basically from scrap. Their bets always had high stakes but never this high and over a girl too.

"And if I lose?" Luke asked not wanting to hear the answer. If winning got him Mack's car. Losing would not be an option because almost nothing gave Mack as much pleasure as his car.

"You have to pose as a girl for a year and attend Miss Ackley's School for Girls," Mack replied grinning. "Do we have a deal?" he asked holding out his hand.

Luke looked from Mack to Lacy sitting on the couch then back to Mack. "Deal," he said shaking his friend's hand, a cocky smile on his face before walking towards the couch.

"Damnit Mack, I'm going to kill you," was all Luke could say as he stared up at the grey stone of Miss Ackley's School for Girls.

AN: I know it was short. As I said before it was just to get the story going. Be on the lookout for chapter one. Hopefully you enjoyed it and constructive criticism is always welcome.