You have clothed me in vice
Inside all filth and ice
You made me so cold
It's time that the story was told

Starlight, Moonlight, Twilight that glimmered above
Romance and fairytales and never-ending love
Passion and Joy and all that brings light
Dulled now and far from sight

Hard to see a Prince Charming in someone
When in his eyes I see all that you have done
Reflected in them is all that is unclean
All you did to me and everything obscene

Hatred billows in the breeze
I wrap my cloak of Disgust around me tight
I don't want to think of you tonight
Or ever again.

You fed me poison all those years ago
A game you played with me
You destroyed my body's sanctity
My brother and my friend
My destroyer and my end
You played tiddlywinks with my soul
You have twisted me.