I'll be blunt; we live and we die, thus is the way of the world. A child is born; it grows, possibly creates another child, then dies, but in doesn't stop there, no. Then its child grows and carries out the gift of life. Yes life can be a beautiful thing, but is can also be a curse that haunts you from the moment it exists until the moment you don't.

Now some people will tell you that you can choose your life's purpose; your destiny, but what if it chooses you. You're powerless to stop it so why go on? I ask myself this every-signal-day. It just gnaws and chews and claws at you, there's no other way to describe it. It never stops tearing you apart until you break down and make the ultimate sacrifice. Your life.

The cold truth is that that is the only way out of this miserable world, but not me, I'll keep going. Keep fighting, keep screaming, keep crawling, keep slipping, but that's okay because I'll never let go, I'm not brave or strong or smart; I don't have to be. Even those who are brave, strong, and smart can fall, struggle, and drown in the murky depths of humanity.

If you can imagine having to struggle with the world every day, every hour, every minute, every God damn second of your life. Its like God has forgotten about you. But what the hell, despite that fact I live, I have no life and with every hour that passes that blade in the kitchen cupboard is looking more and more inviting.

You can se the headlines; "Tragic Suicide." Lets face it, everybody you ever thought you knew is saying how it was a matter of time before you finally did it. Could there be a small chance that somebody, just somebody could be shedding one small tear for you? Just one? Pfft. How the hell would you know-your dead? To late, your gone, you can't come back.

I'm not gonna lie, I myself wouldn't miss you, because I'm probably just like you. I believe I am my everything and separation from the world is what makes it my enemy. So it appears I might just be joining you in the bliss of Heaven instead of living my unbearable Hell. I now see the light; promises were made to be broken so this is my final plea to the world.

Good-bye to all of you. Your trivial lives will plague me no longer. My destiny awaits.