Then There Was You

I'm straight

A word I've grown to hate

I am, but I'm not

You were right

That I hide behind confusion

My mind wanders back to her

You changed your hair

Never thought I'd notice

Never knew my name

I saw you once in a dream

But never knew you for real

I'm not straight

An endless demeaning debate

I can't be with a guy

No matter if they're "hot"

Or if my hormones say otherwise

My mind wanders back to him

You talk to me everyday

You've never judged me

You might be available

I've seen you for real

But I'm afraid of you

I'm straight

A term of love and hate

But it's only about hormones

But to me it's about the person

So in a way I am

And in a way, I'm not

My mind wanders back to them

Her, my dream by night

Him, my companion by day

But he means more?

He's supposed to

And he does?