Worth it

It's like a roller coaster with you
Nothing ever goes right
One second I'm soaring high
and I love life more than anything
The next I can't stop crying
I just want it all to end
It's not you
It's not me
It's us
We weren't meant to be
were we?
Every time I try to see you
the world ends
No one even cares
the two of us are so close
yet never close enough
almost never can I feel your touch
but when I do
God, I melt
I melt right into your arms
and I'm safe
I feel normal
I feel happy
I feel all these emotions that were so foreign for way too long
but is it worth
all the tears I cry
and the pain I feel
that void in my heart
anytime I think of you
but can't be with you
Is it worth it?
I wish I knew the answer
It would life so much easier.
but answers never appear when you need them most
So I'll just try my best
and hope and pray
that in the end
the joy is worth the pain