CRDP: Case files

The case of: The Schoolhouse Blues


Prologue: false security


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CRDP: Center for the Research and Development of the Paranormal.

March 1902

He ran, his small frame shuddering with each breath he took.  He was a scholar, not an athlete.  Going around the corner, he stopped, pressing his back against a wall.  Taking a deep breath, he let his eyes scan the empty hallway of the school.

All he needed to do was make it to the library.  He would be safe in the library.  Hearing a noise he took off again.  Turning down another hallway he ran past the empty class rooms, his foot falls echoing eerily in the darken school.  He kept his mind on his goal, and not on the crazy evil monster chasing him.

He stopped outside of the staircase, his eyes glancing behind him.  Not seeing anything he reached out with his mind.  But as he touched upon the monster he pulled back, a shutter running through him.  Pushing all thought from his mind he took the stairs as fast as he could.  He slipped on the top step, falling hard and hitting his shin.  Crying out, he got up and limped from the staircase, tears leaking from his eyes.

Seeing his goal ahead of him, a slight smile found his lips.  He pushed through the double doors and into the library.  He felt an instant calming come over him, like every time he entered the library.  Locking the door, he moved down the rows of books, stopping in front of a section, his blue eyes scanning the books.

"Where is it?" He muttered pulling books from the shelves, dropping them to the ground when it wasn't the one he wanted.  "Where is it?"

He turned when he heard a bang against the library doors.  With a panicked yelp he went back to trying to find the book he needed.  He cringed when he heard another bang, knowing the door wouldn't hold much longer.

"Oh please, oh please, where is it?" He cried pulling more books from the shelf.  Hearing the doors bang open, he doubled his efforts.

"Come out, come out my pretty little pet physic," Came a cold voice.  He cringed, tears falling down his pale cheeks.

"No, no, no, please," He muttered moving from the row he was in, he moved further into the library.

"You can't hide, my pet. I can smell the fear radiating from you," The cold voice hissed.  The boy could tell that the monster was moving closer.  "Come out pet, and I'll make it almost painless."

Turning again his blue eyes scanned the darken library, he knew that book he needed was in here somewhere, damn it.  All he had to do was find it.  Reaching out with his mind again, he headed back towards the front of the library, keeping tabs on the monster.  Yet stopped when suddenly he couldn't feel him anymore.

"What's wrong pet?" The monster asked seeing the blond, blue eyed child turn to him.  He swung, hitting the boy across the face and sending him flying.  "Can't sense me?"

The boy cried out as he hit a reading table, then tumbled to the floor.  Pulling himself back to his feet he met the monsters cold silver eyes. Then said in a quiet voice, "It doesn't matter, as long as I can see you."

"Go ahead and try, pet." The monster said with a smile coming to his thin pale lips.  The boy concentrated, reaching out with his mind.  He would fill this man's mind so full of pain he would go insane.  Pulling everything he could he concentrated on the schools founder.  Yet as the man continued to smile at him, he saw that it wasn't working.  "Your powers don't work on me," The man said reaching for the boy.

"Well then," The boy said raising a hand.  A book flew off the closest shelf, surprising the founder.  But the man still dodged.  "I may be small, but do not forget I am at the top of my class, I have a better grasp of my powers, then most physics' twice my age."

"So you plan on throwing books at me all night, pet?" The man asked dodging another book.

"Of course not, good sir." The boy said sending, a half dozen books at the man.  Several of them hit, but none did any damage.  The boy moved, heading down a row, his mind trying to find the book he needed.

"Run all you want pet, you'll never escape me." The monster hissed, moving to block the child's path.  He struck out again, punching the boy in the face, sending him to his back while blood dripped from the cut on his cheek.

The boy pulled himself to his feet again, slightly unsteady and a little woozy from the hit.  His eyes locked onto the silver eyes of his tormenter.  "You will not win."

"And you really think that with this book, you'll be able to stop me?" The man asked laughing.  With a determination, the boy took off, this time heading towards the library checkout counter.  Jumping up on it, he slipped almost falling off.  "Too bad you never had much for coordination."

"I will not let you win," the boy hissed tears coming to his eyes again.  Turning away he moved across the counter, he stopped, suddenly turning back towards the man.  Concentrating he tightened the tie that was around the man's neck.  Hearing the monster choke he smiled.

"Stupid boy," The monster hissed dropping the broken tie to the ground as his eyes locked onto the boy.  "You will pay for that one."

Keeping back, he let his eyes scan the mess of books on the floor.  He knew that book was somewhere, he knew it he could feel it.  He saw it, lying on the floor from where the shelf had knocked over.  Jumping down, he tripped slightly, but managed to stay on his feet.

He jumped, crying out as the man snagged the back of his shirt.  Pulling him up, he turned the boy to face him.  A smile found his thin old face, his slightly yellowing teeth showing.  "My, my.  Now look at you, not so tough."

"NO," The boy hissed using his power to lift a chair, which he sent hurdling at the man's head.  Yet as the chair was about to hit him, it stopped hovering in the air before dropping to the ground.

"I founded this school, pet.  You must know I too possess powers," The monster said laughing softly as he reached up to gently run one fingernail down the boy's forehead.

"Power's you've stolen," The boy hissed feeling his body suddenly lose it strength.  As he dangled from the man's grasp, he glared.

"Such a pity," The man hissed tossing the boy to the ground.  The boy cried out, feeling pain rip through his body.  This was it this was the end.  He could feel the blood dripping from the wound in his forehead.  Looking down he saw the book he had been looking for under his head.

Closing his eyes he started to mutter.  A cry escaping him when he felt the monster's foot in the middle of his back pressing the air from his lungs.  He fought to keep conscious, all he had to do was finish what he was saying.  Then he'd be safe.  Then this nightmare could end.

Flipping the boy over, the man smiled.  This child had been the hardest to catch, this one, had kept himself protected, and it had taken almost a year to break down a fifteen year olds shields.   But now he had him, and soon with this boy's powers he would be unstoppable.

"You will never win," The boy whispered softly.

"I already have, Pet.  In a few minutes you'll be dead, and I'll have sucked your powers from you." The man said.

"I may be dead soon, but you still will not win." The boy said again, tears slipped from his eyes.  His eyes widened slightly as the man wrapped his hands around the boy's neck squeezing slightly.  The boy wanted to struggle, but he couldn't his limbs paralyzed.  He was on the verge of passing out, when suddenly the man pulled away.

"Now comes the painful part," The man hissed, reaching out he pulled the amulet from around his neck and placed it over the cut he had made on the boy's forehead, then looked down into the boy's pale blue eyes.

"You will not win," The boy, whispered again, his voice so soft the man barely heard him.

"Yes, yes you keep saying that." The man said returning his attention to the amulet.  His brow creased as the amulets amber colored jewel failed to glow.  "What did you do?"

He looked at the boy again, the light blue eyes unfocused.  Picking the boy up by his shoulders he shook him. "What did you do, stop muttering you little bastard."

Reaching out he laid his hand over the amulet, his eyes widening in horror.  He felt nothing from the boy, not so much as a twitch of physic power from him. Losing his temper, he pulled the boy up, slamming the small body back down onto the floor.

After several times of doing that he stopped, looking down to see the blood that ran from the back of the boy's head.  Looking into the once vibrant blue eyes, he saw they were blank.  The boy's, pale skin taking, on a blush tinge.  And his once pink lips, turning blue.

"Shit no, you can't die yet," He said shaking the boy again.  But nothing, the boy had breathed his last breath.  "Tell me what you did?  Where are your powers?"

The man looked down, the boy would be no help to him now.  Taking the amulet off the boy's forehead he pulled it back over his neck.  Standing up he looked at the mess they had made of the library.  Moving to the books the boy had been looking through he shifted seeing if he could find anything that had the boy's powers signature.

Nothing, not so much as a twitch of power.  Placing his hands on his hips he turned back to the boy.  Cringing slightly he saw the puddle of blood that surrounded the boy's prone body.  He could see bruising around the boy's neck where he had strangled him slightly.  But the blood was the worst, spreading out over the books.

Damn it.  He had wasted his chance, and now the boy was dead, and his powers gone.  There was no way he was going to be able to find the boy's missing powers in this library.  Not with what he had, so he would have to wait.  Not only that he was going to have to come up with a story to explain the boy's death.

"Sir?" Came a scared voice from the doorway.

"Madeline, get the doctor, one of the students fell from the ladder," He said seeing the woman nod as she bolted from the library.  With a smile he walked from the library, well that had been fairly easy.  The doctor would come, and no one would be any the wiser.


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