CRDP Case Files

Case of: Light and Dark

Chapter twenty-eight: Eclipse


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Mercer rolled, reaching out for his lover only to find the bed empty. Opening his eyes, he let them scan the room. Finding it empty he pulled on his jeans. Leaving the room he was quiet as he listened to any odd sounds. He followed the small sounds to the workout room. Finding his lover going through one of his gymnastic routines.

"Kitten?" Mercer asked quietly as he watched Adir stop and look at him.

"I um…I can not sleep," Adir replies softly. He stopped what he was doing, but as he stood he swayed slightly. Mercer could see the exhaustion eating away at the boy.

"Shen you're exhausted, you need to sleep," Mercer replied. Walking across the room, Mercer took a hold of the boy. He could feel Adir's muscles shake and knew, the boy was minutes from his body shutting down. "You are going to make yourself sick, kitten."

Adir didn't answer; he let his lover scoop him up. Snuggling against Mercer's chest he closed his eyes willing his restlessness would go away. He sighed once his body touched the bed, reaching up to pull his lover closer to him. He could feel the tension in Mercer, he knew the man was having a hard time dealing.

"I love you," Adir whispered softly.

"Love you too," Mercer whispered. He wrapped himself around the boy, knowing that even if Adir didn't sleep the boy wouldn't be wondering around the building. Mercer held him even after Adir feel into a restless sleep. He wasn't sure how much longer they could keep doing this.

Adir shifted, finding that he couldn't move much. Mercer was laying half on him, the man's arms wrapped tightly around him. Adir shifted again, but Mercer just pulled him tighter. After a second try he gave up, and with a sigh looked up at the ceiling.


Gunther entered the TV room to find Acerbus and Nuru on the sofa; the two men were oblivious to anyone but each other. Pausing he cleared his throat watching as Acerbus lifted his mouth from his lover's to look at Gunther. Raising an eyebrow the man waited.

"Listen, breakfast is ready." Gunther said not looking at them.

"Ah food," Acerbus said laughing slightly. Leaning he kissed Nuru again hearing the boy sigh slightly. "Are you hungry my light?"

"I suppose I could eat," the boy replied grinning as he shifted on his lover's lap. Getting up they followed Gunther from the room. Entering the dinning room, they smiled before turning to sit down at the table. They noticed that everyone was pretty much quiet.

"What do you and Nuru have planed for today?" Archer asked Acerbus, seeing the man smile.

"We were hoping to sight see," Acerbus replied glancing at the people in the room.

"I'm not sure you're ready for the outside world," Archer told him, seeing Acerbus glance at Nuru before looking back at him.

"I can assure you, Mr. Keaton that I am quite ready for the outside world, and anything it throws at us." Acerbus grinned, leaning back in his chair.

"With this man still out there, I would like to use caution in this." Archer replied trying to figure a way to keep the light and dark at the center.

"Prochain doesn't scare me," Acerbus replied.

"He scares me, he already took the light." Archer replied. "What about Mercer and Adir? They are light and dark, what if he wants them?"

"While Adir is light, he isn't nearly as strong as Nuru is." Acerbus looked at Mercer. "And Mercer is an unknown dark, even to me."

"I have some things in town I need, I could take them out with me and Adir." Mercer offered, seeing everyone including, his lover look at him surprised.

"Alright," Archer replied knowing that they would be safe with Mercer and Adir.


Mercer looked up at the sign above the bookstore. He wasn't sure this was what he wanted to do, but he needed to talk to someone. Pushing the door open he stepped inside. Scanning the dim interior he looked for Aston.

"Hello Mercer," Aston said from behind the computer hacker. Mercer jumped turning towards the man, to see that Aston was smiling.

"Hey," Mercer said glancing out the windows seeing that Adir, Nuru and Acerbus were still eating ice cream. "I need to speak with you."

"Alright," Aston said walking towards the check out. Sitting down in a chair he looked indicated that Mercer should take the one opposite. "So?"

"It's about Shen," Mercer started seeing the man glance out the window. "Um…"

"What ever it is, it can't be that bad." Aston replied feeling huge amounts of agony coming off the man.

"Well, we lost Wilber," Mercer started seeing the man raise an eyebrow at him.

"How do you lose a ghost?" Aston asked.

"Wilber decided to move on, you see in the beginning," Mercer decided to backtrack. It was the only this would make sense. "When Adir first came to us, the CRDP, he didn't talk barely ate, pretty much was a shadow."

"Is that why he's referred to as the resident spook?" Aston asked, seeing Mercer nod. "Why are you telling me this stuff? If you don't mind my asking."

"Adir is like you, and I hope you can help him, before I lose him." Mercer replied meeting the man's eyes. He was slow to open to Aston, but he did open a small amount.

"Alright," Aston said. "Go on."

"Adir wasn't with the center very long before he became attached to me, I don't know why, at least at the moment I didn't know why. It was a short time later that I learned that Archer was having him read the last moments of a dead person's life." Mercer cringed at the look on Aston's face. "I was pissed, told Archer there must be something else they could find for the boy to do."

"But they couldn't?" Aston asked.

"Archer gave the boy a deal, Shen could run, stay at the center or take his chances with the military. Shen choose to stay and to continue working, only this reading was slowly killing him. So Archer worked it out so that all Shen had to do was complete a course and he could stay on as a psychic." Mercer looked up, finding that his gaze returned to Adir. "Only he ran into Wilber, which scared him badly but he felt the need to help the spirit. Only in the end he ended up with the ghost stuck in his head."

"But you got him out," Aston stated frowning. He could see where this was going, and already felt the tightening in his stomach.

"Yeah, but you see Wilber was a soul without a body, and a psychic without his abilities." Mercer said. "His abilities were locked in a book, and well they pretty much hit Adir when they were released."

"So he got an upgrade, so to say?" Aston asked.

"Yeah, I guess, but it made him slightly restless. While he seemed to get it under control there were days he couldn't sit still." Mercer took a deep breath. "Anyways time went by, and things returned to as normal as they get with us, but Shen's best friend was taking a nose dive, very fast."

"I felt that," Aston said softly. "When I was in the center, I could feel a pain something that lingered."

"Oh?" Mercer asked worried.

"A pain yes, but resolved or at least dealt with." Aston assured him.

"Yeah, well when Gunther hit rock bottom, it was bad on all of us, worse on Shen since he's so in-tune with everyone in the center." Mercer replied. "Gunther's pain knocked Shen out, especially after he had read five dead people already, it was an all together bad case."

"What did Adir do?" Aston asked hearing Mercer sigh.

"He tossed all of Gunther's memories and feelings back at the kid, nearly drove his best friend insane." Mercer replied very softly. "Adir was devastated at what it did to Gunny, figuring he had destroyed the boy in order to save the rest of the team."

"I get the feeling what you do is a necessary evil," Aston said seeing the man nod. After a few minutes Aston finally turned to Mercer again. "Tell me what happened, Mercer."

"He died," Mercer whispered. "The center is suppose to be a safe place for us, but he was taken from it, and then he died, I failed him. I couldn't protect him when I needed to, all I could do was stand there stunned when Acerbus broke his neck."

"Mercer?" Aston started seeing the tear that slipped from Mercer's eyes.

"He died and I couldn't do anything to stop it, I failed the one job I had, keeping my lover safe, making sure the boy was kept innocent, but the dark killed him." Mercer took a deep breath, reaching up to wipe his eyes. "Sorry."

"It's okay," Aston asked looking harder at the boy across the street. "But something must have happened, Adir is still alive."

"Nuru brought him back, our current case. Nuru is light, and Acerbus is dark." Mercer paused.

"I've heard of the legend." Aston replied.

"That's when the worst started, it's been days and still Shen hasn't slept more then an hour at a time. He's restless, and well he's got another power boost, with being dead and all." Mercer replied. "I can't keep him in once place for more then five minutes unless we're making love."

"Are you sure he wont settle, once this has sunk in?" Aston asked.

"It might, but he's killing himself trying to make it so his body shuts down so he can rest." Mercer shook his head. "I don't know what else to do, I'm slowly losing him. I'm afraid the darkness will overwhelm him, and I'll lose him to it."

"A lot of psychics end up going nuts, especially those like Adir, it a fact of life." Aston started. "He needs to learn to strengthen his walls, needs a place where he can go and relax, completely relax. And you as his anchor, needs to stay strong."

"So our rooms need to be psychic friendly?" Mercer asked seeing the man nod. Getting up Aston motioned for Mercer to follow him. They entered a back area, walking up a set of stairs Mercer's eyes widened at what he found at the top.

"Sights and sounds are a great start, fish are good, they have a relaxing quality." Aston said. "I'm sure there is some type of electronic equipment that you can rig that will upset his ability to read outside a room?"

"I'm sure, if you think this will help." Mercer asked, seeing the man nod.

"You need to have him take at least five hours a week for himself, and only himself. Not even you, just him to meditate or whatever." Aston said as they walked back into the store. "Hello Adir."

"Hello Aston," Adir replied smiling. "How are you?"

"I'm good, you?" Aston asked seeing the boy shrug slightly.

"I am well," He finally answered. "These are friends, Acerbus and Nuru."

Aston nodded to them, before turning his attention back to Adir. Moving closer, he could see the boy looked slightly weary of him. Smiling he reached out to cup the boy's head as he closed his eyes. Adir put up a small struggle, but in the end Aston managed to read the boy.

Taking a step back, Aston smiled at the boy. He had felt the power, the anxiety that filled the boy. There wasn't much he could do to soothe the boy, but knew that Mercer was on the road to helping him. "So tell me what brings you out?"

"Nuru and Acerbus wanted to see the city," Adir replied moving around the bookstore. He glanced back at Aston and his lover, a knowing look on his face. Adir moved away, looking around at the sections of books. Nuru wasn't far behind the psychic.

"You seem conflicted Mercer," Acerbus said watching the man.

"I am not conflicted, I am worried." Mercer replied looking at the man. After a minute he turned back to Adir, seeing the boy was bouncing as he looked at books.


"This is what you want to do to yours and Adir's room?" Archer asked looking at the elaborate plans the computer hacker had set in front of him.

"After this case is closed I was thinking of taking Adir away for a week." Mercer replied. "I would have the room contracted out, by people I trust."

"Let me think on this, and get back to you." Archer said standing.

"Thanks Arch," Mercer replied getting up also. Leaving the room, he searched the center for his lover. He found the boy playing video games with Nuru. Dropping down beside the boy he smiled as he watched. "How are you, kitten?"

"I am dealing," Adir replied knowing what Mercer was asking. Glancing at his lover, he leaned into the hand that Mercer was resting on his head.

"We have to work on your walls tonight, kitten." Mercer said hearing the boy groan. Grinning Mercer sat back to watch the boy's play. Lost in fun the boy's were having, Mercer at first missed when Acerbus entered the room to drop down in a chair with a loud sigh. A second later it registered with Mercer that the Dark was pouting.

"Hey Merc?" Gunther stopped in the doorway. "Arch needs your help, Braxton is being difficult."

"Okay," Mercer said getting up to leave the room. He walked down to the central area, hearing Braxton yelling before he actually got there.

"Just go up there and ask then to bring him back!" Braxton yelled.

"They can't," Archer tried to remain calm.

"They can!" Braxton glared at them. "Make Shen tell them to bring Wilber back!"

"They can't bring Wilber back, and I won't ask Shen to ask them, no way." Mercer replied softly. He shook his head, before looking at the man. Braxton looked rough, the man wasn't sleeping. "Let Shen be, he's having a hard enough time dealing with this."

"It's not fair, that you got to keep your lover and I lost mine," Braxton replied softly.

"I didn't cheat on mine, nor have I made Shen promises I can't keep." Mercer turned leaving the room. Stopping by the doorway he turned back to the man. "And they can't bring Wilber back, once he entered the light, he was in the afterlife. He can only be reborn, and that's for him to decide not you."

"But…" Braxton trailed off. There wasn't much else he could do he had screwed up. He had gambled and lost, there wasn't anyone to blame but himself.

Mercer headed back to the TV room, dropping back down behind his lover. He could feel the way Adir leaned back against him, feeling the boy ease the tension from his body. Mercer sighed and sat back, finding a few minutes later that Adir climbed into his lap. Wrapping his arms around the boy he leaned back farther and closed his eyes.


"It's been a week, Arch," Gunther said seeing his mate look up.

"I know they're driving you nuts, baby, but until we find this man we can't send them home." Archer said watching the kid drop down into a chair.

"It's just, they don't seem to know what a bedroom is for." Gunther replied turning quite red. He had walked in when the two were heavily involved in heavy groping.

"They're not ashamed of their relationship," Archer grinned, while he hated what the kid was going through it was slightly humorous.

"I'm not ashamed of our relationship, but you don't seem me blowing you in the TV room." Gunther said turning even redder. "Even Mercer and Shen, they don't screw in the open."

"I'll have a word with Acerbus," Archer replied seeing Gunther nod. He saw that the kid was still sitting in the chair, and raising an eyebrow he waited.

"I was just gonna sit here," Gunther shrugged not sure what else to say. "Merc and Shen are out, and well the rest of the team is off doing their own thing."

"Ah," Archer replied going back to his paperwork. He only kept a half of eye on the kid, watching as Gunther sat still for a while before the boy started to fidget. "Gunny hand me that file?"

Gunther stood, picking up the indicated file and walking around the man's desk handed it to him. He yelped slightly when he was pulled down into Archer's lap hearing the man laugh. Gunther looked up, seeing his lover was grinning at him.

"Arch?" Gunther grinned back.

"How about I keep you occupied for a while?" Archer asked dipping down to kiss the kid. Gunther wrapped his arms around the man, pulling Archer down more. He kissed the man hungrily finding that it seemed like forever, since he had felt Archer hold him.

"I'd really like that," Gunther said pulling back. "But in the bedroom."

"Of course," Archer said grinning as he stood letting Gunther back to his feet. Leaning his kissed his mate slowly, showing the kid just what was in store for him. Pulling back he wrapped an arm around Gunther's shoulders leading him from the office.

Archer closed the bedroom door, watching as Gunther crossed over to the bed. He watched his lover turn and stand at the end of the bed watching him. Pushing away from the door Archer moved across the room, his eyes never leaving his lovers. Reaching up, Archer pulled the shirt from Gunther's body.

Reaching out he let his hand's run over the kid's skin. Leaning to gently kiss Gunther's shoulder, tasting the kid's skin. Pulling back, Archer pulled Gunther to his feet. Stripping the kid of the rest of his clothing Archer smiled at the vision before him.

"God you're beautiful, I love you so much," Archer said pulling Gunther into his arms.

"I know," Gunther replied pulling at his mates shirt. Pulling the shirt from Archer's body Gunther grinned at the man. "I really need you naked now."

"I can do naked," Archer said helping Gunther as the kid stripped the rest of the clothing from his body. Once naked Archer slowly lowered them to the bed, his mouth hungrily kissing his mates. Pulling back, Archer looked at his mate, seeing the kid smile. It was amazing, watching as Gunther smiled.

"Arch?" The kid asked, having seen the intense expression on Archer's face more then once in the last few weeks.

"I'm just grateful I still have you," Archer said leaning to kiss his mate again. Shifting away from Gunther's mouth, he kissed his way over to his lover's ear. He purred. God he loved this man

Leaning Archer kissed him, slowly letting the kiss deepen. God his love this kid's lips, they always tasted so uniquely Gunther. Slipping his tongue into Gunther's mouth, he heard the kid moan, as Gunther's heartbeat sped up. One hand moved, to stroke Gunther's naked side finding one scar to run his hand up.

"Arch." Gunther hissed as a shiver ran through him. Another moan escaped him as Archer shifted, moving his hand to gently caress Gunther's chest. Closing his eyes Gunther let his body just feel; his lover's hands as Archer gently touched him.

"Gunny?" Archer said, seeing the kid's deep blue eyes open. Gunther smiled at him, reaching out to touch his fingertips to Archer's shoulder. "So beautiful, so incredibly sexy."

Gunther smiled, shaking his head slightly. "I love you."

"I know." Archer replies softly leaning to capture the kid's lips again. The kiss deepened, Archer's tongue slipping into the kid's mouth to tease. Archer let his hand move, slowly down the kid's front until Gunther moaned, as he let his fingertips run over the kid's erection.

Gunther pulled back, pulling in much needed air. His body was on fire, and he moaned again when he felt Archer's mouth on his neck sucking and nipping. Another moan, and Gunther shifted moving closer to his lover, letting his arms wrap around Archer's waist to let his fingers gently run over the soft fur that ran down the man's backbone.

Archer hissed low, moving to rest his forehead against Gunther's. He could feel in each movement of the kid's hand and body, how he really hadn't so much surrendered to him, as accepted him. Reaching up Archer cupped Gunther's chin, letting his fingertips move over the kid's cheek.

"At times like this, I almost think I'm gonna wake up and not have you here." Archer whispered softly hearing a small chuckle from Gunther.

"A pack of wild wolves couldn't pull me away from you." Gunther replied moving his hand from Archer's back to cover the man's hand touching his face. Archer smiled, no matter how many times they danced this dance; he always needed Gunther to reassure him that it was what he wanted.

"I love you, Gunny." Archer said, shifting away to grab the bottle of lube.

Gunther smiled, watching the man coat his fingers in the silky stuff. "I know."

Archer shifted again, letting one hand move down to find the kid's opening. Slipping a finger inside Gunther's body he leaned capturing sweet lips in a demanding kiss. Gunther moaned into his mouth, shifting closer to wrap one leg up and over his hip. He could feel the kid's hips rock with the thrust of his hand. Slipping another digit into the kid, Archer pulled back to watch Gunther's face.

He smiled, Gunther was beautiful when aroused, and the passion tinted red that spread out over the kid's body. Shifting he leaned until he could slip his tongue around one erect nipple. Gunther bucked, moaning deeply. Hands found his hair, pulling slightly at the black strands.

"Arch, come on Arch please." Gunther mewled softly. Archer smiled, shifting to suck the tormented nipple into his mouth hearing Gunther moan again arching hard against him. More muttering came from Gunther, until the hands in his hair pulled hard.

"Gunny." Archer said pressing the kid to his back, where he rose over him to look down into the kid's passion darkened blue eyes.

"Archer." Gunther said, his eyes locking with the yellow slit eyes of his lover. Reaching up he cupped the man's face, pulling him closer for a kiss. Shifting Archer pressed the tip of his erection to Gunther's opening, hearing the kid moan as Gunther arched towards him.

Pushing in, Archer hissed. His hands fisted in the sheets on the bed, claws digging into the mattress. A groan escaped him when he felt Gunther's legs wrap around his waist. Completely in-cased in the kid's heat, Archer counted to ten before he slowly started to thrust.

"Aahhhh…" Gunther moaned, moving to meet everyone of Archer's thrust. Reaching up Gunther wrapped his arms around Archer's shoulders; one hand finding the fur spots under the man's long hair. Archer groaned again, leaning into the kid's touch.

"Love you." Archer purred into the kid's ear. One hand moving to cup Gunther's butt cheek to pull him closer, the man's thrust becoming faster and harder.

"Arch!" Gunther hissed feeling nails digging into his flesh. A loud cry escaped him, letting his legs tighten around Archer's waist. Archer groaned, moving his hand from Gunther's ass to the kid's hard member. Gunther bucked under him again, a loud long moan escaping the kid. "Harder!"

Archer nodded, shifting again to push harder into the body under him. Gunther's hands tightened on his lover's back, his nails scraping against sweaty skin. They were both closing in on completion; Archer could feel Gunther's hand scratching at him, knowing the kid was about to orgasm.

Another couple of thrust and Gunther arched up hard, a cry escaping him as orgasm washed over him. He felt Archer's hand tighten on his erection slightly. Another cry escaped him as Archer continued to thrust. Suddenly he groaned, pushing in and holding still as he ejaculated into his lover. Gunther clang to him loving the feel of Archer's hot seed inside of him.

"God you're so beautiful." Archer whispered shifting to his side as he pulled out of Gunther's body. Gunther smiled softly at him, not protesting when Archer cleaned them up. As soon as the man was done, Gunther snuggled into Archer's side wrapping his arms around the man.

"Love you…" The kid muttered as he started to drift off to sleep. Archer smiled as he watched his lover sleep, feeling a deep calming in his heart. With a content sigh he pulled Gunther close and closed his eyes letting sleep claim him also.


"I really don't see what's wrong with what Nuru and I do." Acerbus replied shaking his head.

"I don't care either, as long as you do it behind closed doors," Archer replied hearing the man grunt.

"You're making my people nervous, all I ask is if you want to have sex with Nuru, you take him to your room." Archer hissed slowly. He heard Acerbus laugh, seeing the man shaking his head.

"Arch," Mercer muttered softly, before hearing a noise. Mercer reached out; pulling Adir from the desk while Archer grabbed Gunther placing the kid behind him. Muttering nasty words, Mercer hit the button to start the shut down of the center. Whoever had gotten in, wasn't getting out.

"My, my nice place you have here," Prochain replied walking down the steps from the reception area. "I've come for the light."

"You can not have my light," Acerbus hissed. "Touch him and I will rip your hands off."

"You are nothing," Prochain replied laughing. "Come here light, and I shell spare your dark."

"My dark will make you wish you had never even heard of him," Nuru replied grinning. "And if you harm him, I can be just as deadly."

"Then you have to deal with us," Archer hissed glaring at Mercer for a second.

"You people do not scare me, or my men." Prochain grinned. He watched as Acerbus came forward, watching as the dark looked at him. Then at the two men, who came with him, smiling softly.

"I shall deal with Tom first," Acerbus said seeing Stan take a step back.

"I don't think so," Prochain said leveling the gun. The group was taken by surprise; normally they didn't deal with weapon wielding people. The shot rang loud in the central area. Seconds later they watched as Acerbus' body crumbled to the ground.

"ACERBUS!" Nuru screamed bolting towards his lover, but was stopped when Prochain managed to grab him. Throughout the chaos of the next few seconds had the men of the CRDP scrambling.

"Hold it!" Stan hissed. They turned, seeing the man was holding Adir, a gun pointed at the boy's temple. "I'll shot him, I will!"

"Let him the fuck go!" Mercer hissed, watching as Stan pulled Adir tighter against him.

"We will take the light, and let this child go when we're safe," Prochain said moving towards the door with a struggling Nuru in his arms.

"Honestly," Acerbus said standing. "Did you really think a bullet would do me in? I am darkness, and I'm already dead."

"Prochain?" Tom asked glancing between his boss and the man now standing glaring at them.

"You are really dense to think I would let you take my light," Acerbus said his voice dropping. "Now let the boys go, and I shall make your deaths painless!"

"I'll fill you full of holes!" Prochain raised the gun again, but hissed dropping it when it got hot. His eyes widened, as it would seem Acerbus started to fill the room with darkness.

"Let my light go you bastard!" Acerbus said moving forward. This was going to end; he had played around enough. He found Tom first picking the man up by his throat. When he met the man's eyes he could see stark fear in them. "For your part that you played in this, you have been sentence to death."

Tom garbled trying to find words as Acerbus squeezed his throat. It took only a few seconds for Acerbus to crush the man's throat before crushing the bones in his neck. Dropping the dead man to the ground, Acerbus turned his attention to his next victim.

"Let the boy go Stan," Acerbus said softly watching the man look at him. Stan was shaking his head, his hand tightening in Adir's hair. Reaching out Acerbus took Adir's arm, gently pulling the boy away from the man. Sending him on his way Acerbus turned his attention back to Stan. "You touched my light, you took him from his resting spot."

"I was doing my job!" Stan hissed pointing his gun at the dark.

"You were stealing from my tomb, that in it self is a crime. But taking my light, that was a huge mistake, one you shall pay for greatly." Acerbus said. "Tom is simply dead, passed on to where ever fate wanted him. You on the other hand will spend eternity feeling the pain I did when I woke up and Nuru was gone."

"No!" Stan hissed firing the gun. Acerbus shook his head, with a wave of his hand Stan's eyes widened before the man screamed falling to the ground. Seconds later the man was quiet as death settled over him. Acerbus stepped over the man, stalking towards Prochain. He moved with the darkness, knowing he had the advantage.

"Your men are dead," Acerbus said seeing the man turn to him.

"Don't come any closer, or I'll blow his head off!" Prochain hissed, "I don't think you can save him from that."

"You are trying my patients," Acerbus said moving towards them. Glaring at the man holding his lover, Acerbus let more darkness surround him. He could see that Prochain was feeling the cold, and sneered at the man.

"I am destined to have this power, I was destined to wield the light!" Prochain hissed. "You can not deny destiny!"

"I can, and I will!" Acerbus hissed. "I was promised eternity with my light! You are not darkness; you have no right to this light! You have no right to any light on this earth!"

"I will rule!" Prochain hissed tugging on Nuru again. He could feel something in the boy, what felt like a heat source. A smile found his face. "It would seem your light is fighting back the darkness."

Acerbus laughed. "No, he is simply tired of you touching him."

"But," Prochain said as the body in his arms got hotter and hotter. Seconds later Nuru was to hot for him to continue to hold. Letting the boy go he watched as Nuru walked over to stand beside his dark. The boy turned to him, and Prochain's eyes widened. Nuru was glowing bright white, his eyes golden.

"I shall take care of him now," Acerbus said his eyes staying on Prochain. "For your crimes, and your continued threat to the human race you are sentenced to spend eternity in the dark, the cold painful darkness where you will be tormented by every horrible thing you have dreamed of."

"You don't scare me!" Prochain hissed. Acerbus shook his head, he had already delivered his decision and walking forward he grabbed Prochain by the throat. Meeting the man's eyes he stared into them seeing the man start to shake. Prochain put up a huge fight, Acerbus was surprised the man was as strong as he was. But in the end Acerbus sent Prochain into the darkness.


"Merc," Adir said from where he was clinging to his lover. The darkness had started to recede leaving the room filled with an eerie coldness. The group stood, seeing that Nuru and Acerbus were standing in the middle of the three dead men.

"It is done," Acerbus said watching them.

"I see," Archer said not sure how he was going to explain three dead men in his building.

"They have been dealt with," Acerbus waved his hand, and they watched as the bodies disappeared. "Thank you for all you've done for us.

"You are welcomed," Archer said. The light and dark nodded again, before Acerbus smiled down at his lover.

"Goodbye CRDP," They said seconds before they too disappeared.

"Well," Gunther said. "I guess I'm glad that's over."

"If Acerbus could have taken care of them like that, why didn't he just go to them?" Casimir asked.

"He could not, they had to come after him and his light again." Adir replied. "At least they can rest now."

"What a minute," Jade said her eyes wide. "We were suppose to reseal them in the tomb."

"That was for our benefit, Acerbus had no intention of going back to sleep right now," Mercer replied grinning. "They are re-aquatinting themselves with their world."

"And I for one feel better knowing that they are out there, watching over us." Adir said leaving the room.


"I have approve your request," Archer said seeing, Mercer look up. "After watching Adir the last week, I can see that something needs to be done.

"I've booked a retreat for us, it's for a week." Mercer replied. "I think he needs the time down, maybe to re-center himself."

"That would be good, I've also trust that you'll be the one to install the electronic work?" Archer asked.

"Yeah before I leave, it will help with the monitoring of the workers too." Mercer said. "And I've updated the centers entire bank of surveillance and alarms. Nothing is getting in, not even a ghost or fly."

"Good, cause I'm for one tired of having showdown in the central area." Archer replied smiling. Mercer nodded, watching as the man walked away. Turning back to his computer he shut it down to go tell Adir they would be leaving for a week. Things were definitely looking up.

Case Closed.

The end.


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