Go away you fucking bitch
I'm sick of the constant nagging
Sick of the repetitiveness
Go away you fucking whore
I'm depressed enough
Do you want to hear more?
Go away you fucking psycho
Let me live my own goddamn life
Go away you fucking shit
I'm sick of all of it
I'm sick of the way you talk
I'm sick of how you repeat things
Until I can fucking recite it in my sleep
You fucking mother of hell
Get the fuck away from me
I can't stand the fucking way you smell

Go to sleep
Leave me alone
I don't want you
I want to live on my own
In my own world
My own fucking life
So just drop dead
And buy yourself a coffin
'Cause I won't fucking pay
I can't stand living with you
You're such a bitch
Go suck someone's fucking dick
Just leave me alone
Go to hell
I'm tired of you
I'm tired of all your bullshit lies
So now I'm telling you
Give back my fucking life.