No need to tell me
I heard the spell break
watched you for too long
no time to tell me
I felt the heart ache
waiting for your song

dawns only calling me
darkness always swallows me




to me

She's the only one you see.

No way to help me
I know you felt it
wishing what you weren't
no lie can help me
I yearn your warm lip
don't want all I've learnt

and night is taking, the tears are breaking
every inch of me
and day is faking, my fears are shaking
swallowed in your sea.

Strangling me.

(I felt the heartache,

waiting for



Don't loose your feeling
you keep on reeling
desiring her taste, I
wont loose this feeling
don't waste your evening
I'm still running this lonely race.

because she's the only one you see.