To blazes with you

Panic and terror hanging thick in the air
And I just stood there
Unsure of who to go to
Unsure of where to go to

The fighter jets came, flying over my head
Everyone screaming and running away
The bomb - it landed on the building in front
Flying glass cutting me
Blood spattered on the pavement
And I started running

Banging on the doors of everyone I knew
Let me in
Let me hide in your bomb shelter
I don't want to die yet

Hands and arms aching and tired
Knuckles sore and scratched
The cut on my face still bleeding
Still no door opened for me

I curled up on the pavement, crying
For my friends
For my family
I knew I was going to die
But no one else did.

Buildings crumbled all around me
The sky was overcast with gray and smoke
Fires raging
With no rain to put them out

The ground is trembling
Is this the end of it all?
Thrown off the pavement
Hitting the side of an old brick house
Looking up, I realized
The door was open

I crawled in (so pathetically)
Leg bleeding blood of deep crimson
Huddling up in a corner
Wading in an ocean of self-pity
I was dying
Slowly, but surely

Something stirring in the shadows
Someone was sitting in the dark little house
Right next to me
Holding onto my icy cold hand
Giving me the little warmth it had

I couldn't see who
(Or what?)
But I knew that Death was near
The warmth was enough to melt the ice in my heart
But still too cold to save me
No. All it has given me is enough.

I could smell Death's foul breath
It was so close
Every nerve in me screamed for me to run
But all I wanted was to hold onto that hand

An explosion
A loud crash
Fire and smoke suddenly rising up all around
The house tumbled down
The bricks turning fiery red
Falling like a shower of fire from the heavens

The smoke blinded me and fogged up my nose
The deafening explosions coming unstoppably nearer
My mouth was dry and hoarse
I couldn't scream for help
All I could feel was the heat of the flames
And the touch of that hand

No more pain coming from my wounds
No more blood-tears cried over nothing
I was dying, consumed in flames
And someone knew
The stranger who held my hand
The stranger who gave me hope
The stranger who died with me.

The fighter jets flew away...