How I Feel

I just wanted you to know,
How hurt I am,
You never said what was happening,
Can I cry now?
as much as I hate to admit it,
I want you so much it hurts,
My world is cold and dark,
As my sun sets,
Your face never rests inside me,
It's all that keeps me going.

As the stars shine their friendly faces,
And flicker their lonely light,
I want to curse them for being so beautiful,
As I cannot understand why,
Why you were never there,
Why you could never help me,
And why the hell you can't be more than that.

Shyness is my worst quality,
You were the only one who ever confronted it,
The only one who ever doubted that,
You have seen both sides,
And you treat me like myself,
You know what I truly am,
So why the fuck can't see it,
Find it for myself.

He knows me well,
But do I know him all that well,
She can claim all this,
But is it true,
I know my problems,
Unlike he does,
And he never will know it all,
While hes off doing whatever,
I'm stuck here,
In the middle of no where,
Going crazy in the middle of my life,
But does he know all this.

Right now I feel like I am all alone,
With no one here to confront me,
I just want you to call me,
To contact me,
Only so I can talk,
Be myself once again,
You are my life line,
I'm too shy to tell you what I want to,
But I desperately need to be myself,
How can I make it through this,
When you can't help me?