How can you say you love me?
When you're so gone from me?
You tell me I'm the only one you see
The only one you need to feel
Against your own skin

You are like poison ivy
Something that wishes to grow in me
But instead leaves me itching with distain
How can you say you love me?
When I've told you I could never feel the same again?

You're crawling up my leg
And worming your way into my heart
I tell you "no" constantly
But you still insist on me
That we are right for each other

I want to run away
But you would find me
Please find another!
Stop wanting me!
I know your game!

You say it's not like that
You say sweet nothings
But I just want to push you away
And run into the arms of another
And watch as you fade

How can you say you love me?
When all you have is lust?
Burning in your veins
You're forcing your way inside me
My defenses are building up

But I'm losing patience with you
So with whatever you say
I say "yeah, sure, whatever."
Because I know no matter what
Every force will keep us apart

And for once I wont fight them off
For once I wont deny it
For once I will thank them for taking something away
Get away from me
Just stop your chase