They sat downstairs, mulling about and trying to find something to kill their boredom. Rae lay sprawled over the window seat, reading, with Jase sitting on the floor staring at him. Cage and Rowan were sitting across from each other, locked in a battle of chess with enough mental tension to raise hairs. Rae had been reading the same page for five minutes before he turned to Jase; raising an eyebrow.

"Is there a reason why you are staring at me?

"I'm trying to get into your head, that's all." Jase said innocently.

"Why the hell are you trying to get in my head?" Rae was a little unnerved by Jase's statement.

"I want to know how you really fell about Sav—

Rae slammed his hand over Jase's mouth before he could finish the sentence. He knew Cage and Rowan had an idea about it, but Jase saying it out loud would be like making it official.

"I'm not sure, alright? If I was sure about this whole thing, I would have asked her out by now, satisfied?" Rae growled in Jase's head.

"Yup, Too bad you're keeping Savea in the dark, she looks very confused." Jase laughed back.

"Stop being so observant and make my life easier." Rae joked, play shoving Jase.

"You're the one who's an open book" Jase called, shoving Rae back.

Rae laughed, feeling some of his tension leave. He jumped Jase and began wrestling with him across the room. Jase was giggling uncontrollably, trying to break out of Rae's grasp, who was now tickling him. Rowan even spared a glance at the two, happy that they were enjoying themselves again.

"They are like true brothers." Cage mumbled, contemplating his next move.

"They both need it." Rowan sighed back.

"Hey Yura, are you sure about these clothes?" Savea was looking at herself in the mirror and having second thoughts.

"They do look nice on you, even though there is not a lot." Yura smiled optimistically.

"Can I ask you something?" Savea turned to look at Yura, not wanting to see herself any longer.

"What is on your mind, Savea?" Yura put on an encouraging face.

Savea had no idea how to put her thoughts into words, so she tried to send Yura the memory that was bothering her. She was pretty sure that Yura got the memory when her eyes widened amazingly fast.

"It is good that you can now send bits of memory, but please explain why this is bothering you, and how this happened." Yura was trying to get her composure back.

"Ajia was jealous of my presence, so Rae decided to kill her paranoia. I guess you can call that the simple reason. I just don't know what to do though. I mean, Rae obviously likes me, but for what reason? Every time I'm near him, he's just a pervert, makes me wonder if he just wants me in his bed. I mean he avoids touching me as much as he can, except for when he tries to kiss me." Savea took a deep, steadying breath.

"Savea, I had no idea that it was to this extent. If I had known, I would have explained a few things about our friend Rae." Yura was nervously cleaning up the room.

"Ok, now I'm even more confused then I was before. What is with all the secretive past crap?" Savea felt she had a right to know.

"Rae used to have a problem. I am not sure if he still does, but Rae used to avoid reality. Reality was never kind to him, so he would just pretend it did not exist. Unfortunately, Rae's way of forgetting reality was by having sex. He knew no other was of dealing with his anger or emotions, or the poverty he used to be subject to. So now, what I think is going on is Rae is afraid to touch you because for a very long time, his touch was for horrible selfish reasons, and now he is not sure if he has changed. We all have dark pasts Savea, it is what happens when you live in a dark world." Yura made sure to keep her voice low the entire time she was explaining.

"So you're telling me Rae isn't even sure what his motives are? Great, just great. I feel so bad, but I'm still a little ticked off by this. In the end, he could be just using me like all my past relationships. Maybe I should just give Rae space to figure it out himself." Savea had fallen to the ground, her legs crossed and her head propped up by her arms.

"Maybe things will clear up after tonight Savea; do not worry so much over it. Though, I do not think I have ever seen Rae kiss someone before; that is something that is too intimate for what was so emotionless. This is why I gave up on pining over relationships, Savea. You live forever, technically, and that is too much time for anybody. Come on, it is time to go downstairs. Thank you for coming to me with your problems by the way." Yura was smiling again, her hand out to take Savea's.

"Test #1, can Savea walk down those stairs without dying from embarrassment?" Savea whispered to herself as Yura led her down the hall.

Savea walked as slowly as possible down the stairs, not wanting to walk into the parlor and be seen by everyone. Being seen by strangers who she would never see again was one thing, being seen by the people you live with everyday was another. Yura had to pull her the last stretch, Savea trying to hide in the hallway and wait for Cage to come out. Savea was so glad that blushes did not show on her face, especially when she walked into the room and the room went dead silent. She knew what she looked like, she was wearing a lace shawl with sleeves, which clung to her black bra, making it the only thing covered her chest and arms. She was wearing black baggy pants that had been sown with red thread, which hung low on her hips and exaggerated her sway when she walked. She had never worn anything this revealing in her entire life, not even to bed on summer nights. She couldn't even bring herself to look up from the floor she was so embarrassed.
"I think these are clothes worthy of the Bloody Mary if I do say so myself." Yura chuckled.

"You have that right, now if only Savea would play the part." Cage said sternly.

"That means you have to act as tough as you look Savea." Yura said into Savea's head.
Savea looked up with the blankest face she could muster, glancing around the room. Rowan had gone back to figuring out where to next put his chess piece, but their was a gleam of amusement in his eyes. Cage looked exasperated for having to deal with such a self-conscious person, but it was Jase and Rae whose expressions were the most pronounced. Jase was under Rae, Rae over him in almost a push-up position. Jase's face was frozen between astonishment and surprised glee, not even blinking. Rae looked like he was choking on something, something big. Jase was the first to break out of his paralysis, bouncing out from under Rae and on his heels in one fast movement.

"Savea Holy crap, you look like you're dangerous That's soooo cool " Jase was waving his arms in excitement.

Rae cleared his throat and placed a hand on Jase's shoulder. "Breath kid, slow down. You're looking deadly in those clothes." Rae directed his comment heavily at Savea.

"It's what I was going for." Savea tossed his comment aside.

"Check Mate." Rowan smiled, looking up at Cage.

Cage stared down at the board and mumbled off a string of unintelligible curses. "Damn it all. Fine, it's time to go anyways." Cage stood up and headed towards the door.

"Are you coming or not?" Cage half-turned to look at Savea, who ran out the door after him.

The trip to the club, more like flying to Savea at the speed they were going; was quiet and tense. Savea had no idea what to expect when she got to the club, and she didn't even know if she was supposed to do something or meet this guy or what. She had no other choice but to wait and see what happens, especially with the quiet secretive Cage.

Cage stopped in front of a worn-down abandoned warehouse and opened the giant loading doors with ease. Savea looked in to see nothing. She looked at Cage, who just strode forward into the empty space.

Almost like on cue, a giant of a man, with small black eyes and a hairless head, stepped in front of Cage. He was built like a rock and staring at Savea.

"You have business here?" Savea saw his mouth was filled with sharp fangs, his voice a growl.

"Move out of my way Larthine. You know we are not human." Cage looked imposing, even though he was almost a foot shorter.
The guy looked at him for a space of a breath, before stepping aside. His gaze slid over Savea like slime, her exact opinion of him. Cage walked to the other side of the space and hit an elevator button that was on the wall. The elevator doors opened, which didn't even look like doors until they moved. Cage and Savea stepped onto the elevator and down it went.

Savea gasped when the doors opened. They were standing on a raised platform surrounded by the darkest richest colors. Mahogany, midnight blue, deep purple, and black breathed with a life of their own in the club. No smoke filled the room though, no one was smoking. Savea could feel the power that was floating through the air, a mix of fog, heavy air, and heat. There seemed to be no source of light, but there was enough from somewhere to see everything in detail.

"You go wait in sight and I will talk to him. It will be easier that way." Cage gestured towards the bar in the middle of the room.

Savea watched Cage slide into a booth, across from an old-looking man. His face was finely-lined, all sharp angles, his hair thin and a smokey black. He was dressed in a black suit, which stood out horribly in the club. She slid onto a bar stool, trying to sit up straight.

"Can I buy you a drink?" Said a deep rumbling voice.

Savea turned and looked at the guy who was speaking. He was way too muscular to be handsome, his bowl cut blond hair looking awkward against his large head. "No thank you."

"Awwww, what's a hottie like you doing all alone and defenseless and denying my drink?" His voice was so deep, my came out as mah. Animal shine glowed from behind his eyes.

"Do you not know when a lady says no, or do you need to be slapped to wake up that head of yours?" Barked a voice from behind Savea.

Savea looked behind her to see a very angry Akito. His eyes had turned into a liquid molten black from anger, and she watched him as he carefully stepped around her, right up in the man's face.

"I don't want trouble from some mistake of nature, halfy. Get out of my business before things get ugly." The man's voice was sinking into a growl, almost like the guy upstairs.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but nothing gets uglier than you." Akito growled back , his voice just as deep.

The man swung at Akito, who calmly stepped aside, and incased in his own fist. One quick squeeze and the man's hand was shattered, reminding Savea of how he had done that to her. The man's eyes shot open in pain, a half howl breaking through his lips. Akito spun around and slammed his elbow into the man's face, snapping the guys head back violently. Blood poured from the man's face, as he ran out of the club, desperately trying to keep his nose in place.

"I am extremely sorry that you had to see that. People in this club can be beyond sick. What are you doing here anyways?" Akito turned pleasantly to Savea.

"Receiving even more hints that I need to learn how to fight." Akito laughed at her sarcasm.

"The Fates themselves have decreed your next mission it seems. Seriously though, why are you here? I do not believe you knew of this place, as I see a friend of yours over there." Akito sat in front of Savea, taking her hand lightly.

"I'm really here to learn how to fight, actually. Cage, my friend as you call him, took me here as ask some guy to teach me how to fight. I must ask why you were so aggressive with that guy." Savea had never seen Akito so violent.

"If you had known what he was thinking about what he wanted to do to you, I am quite sure you would have done worse. At least none of his blood got on my coat, that would have been unfortunate." Akito's eyes darkened with anger.

"Was that a Larthine? I mean, like, his eyes started glowing like an animal's when he was hitting on me." Savea needed to know.

"Yes, he was a Larthine, but the animal shine had nothing to do with that. When Vjesci, Larthine, or Iuko become sexually charged, for lack of better words, their eyes glows with animal shine." Akito's mood was improving as he began to explain facts.

"Does that mean you can do that to?" Savea couldn't put her finger on why that was intriguing, it did explain Rae's eyes after their kiss though.

"Being two out of the three, I believe you would find that to be true." Akito smiled and allowed his eyes to glow with lust.

Savea could only glance before slamming her eyes to the ground, overwhelmed by the amount of lust that was projected through his eyes. The part that scared her the most was that she was turned on by the hungry look in his eyes. "That look was different form the guy whose ass you kicked." It was all she could think to say.

"An affectionate lust and a sick cruel lust and two different things, Savea. I am glad you could tell the difference." Akito's eyes had gone back to normal, his smile lighting up his face.

Savea looked at Akito, finally seeing the way to gain stability in the chaos of her life, a way to distance herself and make it easier for her and those around her to take a breath and sort out their head. Aktio was the one who was always saving her, Rae always seemed to be causing the trouble. Too bad it took both sides to work. "You're amazing, you know that?" Savea laid her head on Akito's shoulder.

Akito stiffened in surprise before finally relaxing to her touch. "That I was not aware of until now." He was trying to stay calm.

"How do you stay so calm, even when you're freaking out on the inside?" Savea's voice was muffled by his jean trench coat.

"Lots of practice. Lots and lots of practice." Akito chuckled lightly.

"I'd imagine."

"I think I forgot to mention that you looked absolutely amazing in those clothes. They make you look tough and sexy." Akito almost stumbled over his words.

"That's the best compliment I have gotten all night. Thanks Akito." Savea sighed, content.

"Then how about I make it easier to compliment you more often?" Akito slipped, his voice quiet.

"Wait, what are you saying?" Savea looked up from his jacket, right into his eyes, which were swimming.

"Um.....Would you honor me with going out with me?" Akito was trying so hard to return her gaze.

Savea felt like she had froze. Here was the perfect opportunity before her, a way to gain her sanity back, the perfect company of Akito now placed on a silver platter before her. Here was the chance to date and not worry about would-be relationships, to date someone who really cared about her, whose company was so comforting and care-free. She was sick of waiting for life to come to her, ready to go head-first into it.

"Akito, I would love to be your girlfriend.".

Akito broke into a huge smile, his entire face lighting up amazingly. He picked Savea up in a hug and spun her around in happiness, laughing as he placed her down. "You do not know how happy I am right now. I never thought you would say yes!"

"Akito, you are one of the nicest people I have ever met, why would I say no?" Savea felt light-headed from being spun, though it was fun.

"I am kind of self-conscious when it comes to relationships, I must admit. But you have made my life with your yes." Savea felt like she was listening to a kindred soul on the hardships of relationships.

"Savea, sorry to break up your giggle session, but we are finished here." Cage said, right behind her.

Savea turned to look at him, worried that maybe the man had said no. "What did he say?"

"He said you were one of the worst he has ever seen. And he will teach you." Cage looked impatient.

Savea couldn't believe her luck. She went to hug Cage in happiness, but saw the look on his face and decided to hug Akito instead. She even kissed him on the cheek, and tried not to laugh when his face burned red. Her whole night was starting to look up, everything was finally starting to fall into place, but somewhere in the back of her mind, quietly, there was doubt. Doubt and worry about how Rae was really going to take this new change....

End of Book 1

Book 2 Blackest of Blue Skies: Moonless nights.

A/N: Surprise! Yes, I have decided to make my story a i can go back and revise the first book, making it better, but I will still continue to write for my new story..,Thank you sooo much Livi for pointing out the POV problem... I have to try and find a way to fix that....