What to Write About

Someone write a poem about being Wiccan

So someone can scream about how

There is no Goddess

Someone write a poem about fundamentalism

So someone can fight for liberalism

And everything else

Someone write a poem about homosexuals

So someone can give the powerful argument…

"Cuz the Bible says so."

Now someone write a poem bashing gays

So someone else can say that gay is okay

And you can scream in their face

Let's write about how Bush is an asshole

And give someone the opportunity

To call us one back

Or let's write about how smart he is

If you wrote it, you'd get flamed

But it might be a bit difficult

Of maybe we can write about abortion

You either hate the kid or the mother

Either way someone will be mad

Someone get someone else to explode

Over symbols on a computer screen

That represents a well-known opinion

Someone tell all these people around here

That if they find something they don't like

They shouldn't bother reading it