when i'm restless,
i write text that's as best as the best get
infects the chest like asbestos
heart gets affected
it sparks like a weapon
a marked interjection
gets you inspecting a harsh lesson
smart people get it,
there's a need for asking questions
not just letting every second
take control until you're just left with messes
princesses stop just wanting shit
pessimists better get to thinking positve
obssessive need to step back and just assess it
shit, just sit a minute, take a breath
and figure out what the heck is
so important you're absorbed in getting
so much that it's excessive or possesif,
maybe mother never breast fed
or busted your bed cause she's fucking your best friend
but get the level on your head
you're not just an animal doing
you make conscious desicions it's what makes you human
we as people need to be our own hero
we need to think and speak
not simply reacting to our tears roll
be it physical or spiritual,
mental or the fear you hold
don't wait for thoughts like "here you go"
be alone, and support the other people
the beer you hold, the weed you toke
habits of blow and crack you smoke
they don't let go, they hold you down
so throw your bottles to the ground
drop the pipes, sacrifice, take back your life
that's advice that doesn't ask for bites
it don't come back to stab at night
won't cost you a dime, so just use it, try
don't ignore it if it's more important
but just be sure it's true, don't force it
you think you're born for it, horse shit
lazy mother fucker nothing's stopping you but your shit
if you think of shit yourself
and not from anybody else
you could see it for yourself
you've been creating your own hell
if people never thought on their own
there'd still be slaves because of skin tone
but in this day the states are home
to every race that's not our own
so get it straight;
let me reiterate
see the place you stand today
if you're independently happy
cudos my friend, i tip my hat to thee
but you're not, don't bitch or fuss
don't fucking pin your shit up on someone's flaws
don't get your gitch in a knot and bitch at god
cause noone gives a fuck how hard you've got it
you shouldn't get shit for free for living
stop expecting everyone one to keep on giving
do yourself a favor, give your kids a bit to saver
save your cash and make some paper
work your ass off, then complain; word
do something, fuck the pain and hurt
you want some change then make it earned
get an education, as much as you may fucking hate it
school will get you any places
to hell with fucking boozers
bitching they ain't got no future
or the losers who refused to learn
you stupid fuckers get what you deserve
you choose to quit school and work
the rest of your life in fast food shirts
this system's not designed exclusive
anyone can make it, truth hurts
save your cash, take night class
don't just sit on your ass and accumulate swass
so to end this lesson,
i'll end it with a message
you can keep pretending
circumstances left you breatless
or you can accept this
shit i said as truth no less