this fucking city's wasting
away, all these fucking natives
drinking on the pavement while i'm waiting
for a bus i'm not laid back
when they ask me every fucking day for cash
they don't play the sax
just fucking drift away and dissipate
i get irate and chew the fuckers out
who the fuck's this clown think he is?
mother fucker comes up touching my shit
i fucking got pissed
the bitch took a swing trying to fuck up my lip
but i ducked, and knocked the mother fucker back
some rubber coming up asking if i can bum smoke
i offer kills, bitch insists on wholes
holy smokes, he's broke and addicted
he's turning down free shit asking for more than he is
jesus, where they get these ideas
it's no wonder when our own governs
bend over, supporting the low and stubborn
imagine if every metis or native
took their given benefits and went and an education
tuition costs for the rest of us would sky rocket
my loses are great enough off my pay stubs
and i could not even get in to graduate from
university, still these jerks come to curbs and speak
to me about sympathy,
bitch i got empathy, so fuck with me,
you're fucked indefinitely
if you're living in streets and steppin to me
if you're looking to be getting shit free
if you're hurting from things
that happened way back in your family tree
don't come asking to me cause i'll snap on you cheech
i've been in the streets,
i do see how you're living
i do see you doing nothing
so i'll not be the putz feeding your pitty
it's self pitty,
i don't ask to be wealthy
i'm doing my best to get there see