take a look in my eyes
find a tear left inside
a life of crime
has a less devestating decline
fading through time
i'm shaking baby minds
by taking away the shade
and removing the blinds
but my efforts are fruitless
no use producing music
if the music don't get through
to the people who can use it

i get reviews and comments
for my poems on the net
i appreciate feedback
and thank everyone for their reaction
but it seems that in some way
i'm being taken for a racist;
what i say about a native kid
is simply an event i lived
his hypocracy inspired me
cause what's true for him is true for me
humans aren't devided by nations
we're all the same in different ways
basically saying it's human nature
i'm not putting down races
or saying shit about faiths in ignorance
or claiming the americans are faceless
what i say is not concrete
and since we've never met
i do suggest you take it softly
cause chances are if you object
then it's not you who i'm pissed off at

i hear love songs on the radio
angry kids in skater clothes
every day in videos
i don't believe byonce loves me
it's not my fault kids are pissed off
it's so easy to be aggrevated
if you don't like what i say
from bad interpretation
or you're offended by the sentence
by which it was presented
then by all means please tell me
but don't get distressed
just because it sounds bad
anything can be demented
when it's scewed right out of context

i take a random stand against another man
he sees but his beliefs and i pretend i understand
he gets upset from contradiction
i examine his frustration
we both engage in free debate
it's just amazing how intense
a conversation can really get
in the end nothing's resolved
the man's pissed off
and i've got an ear full
of bullshit and no spit in my mouth
all to say it's in my interest
to understand how extremists are thinking
there's no way i'll ever understand
but it's a limitless interest i have

if something sounds deliberately racist,
deliberately homophobic, anti-social,
just don't hold against me as a person.
i tell you right now, i'm not an extremist,
i'm an extremely passive buddhist
with a lot of thoughts a-brewin