mind over matter
but that really don't matter
when your mind's been devoured
and your heart strings been shattered
this harsh stream flows at her
while we're fighting for power
but life seems for cowards
too frightening to challenge
we're mice in a labrynth
a life lead in panic
handing out pamphlets to save us from bad sin
like standing by mountains
yelling and trying to melt them
this life's like a scale without balance
this species is driven by mental precision
but for some reason,
we can't even make the easy decisions
everything we needed was given
peace was stricken by greed making victims
the need for peace breeds religion
and so started wars of beliefs and opinion
leaving us sick and bitching
of this shit that we have to live in
too tough for some sticking their hands out
too rough for some to sit there and handle
too rushed for some to stop and stand still
they all have one thing in common
they brought this all on themselves

i hear of some brothers running their mouth
funning of guns and of honeys and bills
loving the tales of mugging and kills
hunting brothers for fucking up coke sales
now getting the run of the mill
they're gunning him down
and cutting his tongue right out of his mouth
this story's blind told from behind a blindfold
good times go by as lives go
i suppose it's just a ghetto boy who cried wolf