This is the hardest walk I've ever had to take
The walk away from you and all that comes with you
You sit there and show no emotion
You're a completely different person
You put up a front and think you've found true happiness
I guess 12 girls who don't truly care, who in the end would never die for
Is better than settling for just who happens to see you, and love
you for you
One who would do anything just to see you smile
One who would walk miles to see your face
One who would give her life just so you can live out yours
One who has cried a million tears for you
None of that matters to you
Atleast not anymore
I remember when I respected you, when I loved you
And when you loved me back
Now, sure you look the same,
But on the interior you're nothing like you were before
You've morphed into this other human being
Who has no emotions, no attachments, nothing
I guess there's one thing you didn't lie to me about
I remember what you told me that cold day,
You said "Baby, if you ever leave my side, I'll never be the same without
You told me I taught you to be "man"
And now you're just a little boy
I guess you forgot how, when you forgot about me
So as you sit there and laugh with your "so-called" friends
Remember this, and this I can guarantee, none of them care as much as I do
With all my feelings locked away tight
And a "I-don't-give-a-shit" grin, very similar to yours,
I take that painstaking walk away
Behind me I leave all the memories of what we were
And what we should have been
I leave every thought of you, every ounce of love I gave
Every tear, every smile, every loving look, everything
With all this behind me, I walk away to some distant day