The Mysterious Beauty

By:Andrew Troy Keller

Has anyone ever watched a Halloween episode of M*A*S*H on the Hallmark Channel in which the doctors had saved a paitent who they've thought was dead and the words that came out of Hawkeye's mouth were 'This is one ghost story nobody's ever gonna top'?

Well,after I've heard that,I've decided to give it a shot with one of my own,which begins on a certain holiday known as Halloween,when a group of Baldwin-Wallace students had arrived at the old Worthington house,got out of their cars and walked over to the front door.

But then,just as they were about to unlock the door and walk into the house,a scruffy old man had stepped out of nowhere and yelled,"YOU STUPID KIDS!DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT'S INSIDE THAT PLACE?!IT'S CURSED,I TELL YOU!CURSED!"

And after the scruffy-looking stranger had walked out of sight,one of the students,Toby Shatner had looked at his best friend,Brian Troller and asked,"Who the Hell is that crazed nut?"

"Don't look at me,because I really don't know who he is.",answered Brian,while he was putting the key into the keyhole."While,my friends.Shall we go inside and have ourselves a devil of a good time?"

And then,after the other students had let him know that they agree with his suggestion,Brian had turned the key,opened the door and allowed himself and his friends to walk into the house and start getting everything set up for their big Halloween bash.

However,after he had finished setting up the lights and while the others were getting the rest of the party stuff set up,Toby had suddenly heard some sort of noise coming from one of the rooms upstairs and decided to go upstairs and investigate.

Just then,as soon as he had gotten upstairs and started looking around the entire floor,a curious Toby had called,"Hello!Anybody in here?It's okay!We're just using the house for a Halloween party!We won't be here long!"

Then suddenly,after he had heard the sound of someone crying her eyes out in one of the house's many bedrooms,Toby had opened that room's door and was shocked to discover a Deidre Hall type beauty sitting in the middle of the room like a frightened little girl.

"Excuse me.Are you okay?",asked a concerned Toby,after he had walked into the room,sat down next to the frightened beauty and placed his gentle hand on her shoulder."It's okay.You don't need to be afraid.I'll make sure no one hurts you ever again."

And then,after the mysterious beauty had looked up at Toby's smiling face and allowed a smile of her own to appear on her lips,she had wiped the tears from her eyes and said,"You're such a nice young man,sir.May I ask what your name is?"

"My name is Toby Shatner and like I've said,my friends and I are only using the house for a Halloween party and we won't be here long.",answered Toby,after he had placed his gentle hand on top of the mysterious beauty's."May I ask what your name is?"

"My name is Victoria Worthington and I've been living here since the day I was born.",answered Victoria,after she had rolled up her dress sleeve and exposed the scars that were on her arm."As for these,I've recieved them from such an unscrupulous brute who claims to have possession of my body."

"Well,like I've said,you don't need to be afraid,because I'm going to make sure that no one lays a hand on you ever again.",said a smiling Toby,before they had looked at each other for a minute or two and kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

Meanwhile,back downstairs in the living room,Brian and his other classmate,Polly Roth had finished setting up some of the other stuff for the party,only to hear someone say,"Get out of my house!"

"That's not funny,Charlie!",said Brian,who had thought that Charlie Lodge,yet another one of his classmates was causing the noise."Now do us a favor and save it for the party!"

But after he had said that,a strange invisible force had lifted up one of the spare flood lights thrown it at Brian's head,only to miss it by an inch and hit the sofa instead.

"CHARLIE,WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO DO?!KILL ME?!",yelled a shocked Brian,just before he had tripped over something that was laying on the floor--and when he had looked at the thing that he had tripped on,the look on Brian's face had changed to that of pure fright,for he had tripped over Charlie's dead corpse.

But then,just as he was about to try to figure out what was going on inside that house,Brian had suddenly heard Polly scream bloody murder--and when he had ran over to see if Polly was okay or not,he had became totally shocked at the sight of her body after she had been savagely raped and murdered.

Meanwhile,back upstairs inside the bedroom,both Toby and Victoria were carressing each and every part of their nude bodies and enjoying their moment of pure,erotic pleasure.

"Aaaahhhh,yes!That's it!Do it,Toby!",said Victoria,while Toby was blowing his hot breath on the nape of her neck."Touch me!Touch me there!Aaaahhhh!"

And while they were enjoying their moment pure sensual erotica,Brian was still downstairs in the living room and trying to find the rotten creep who had killed two of her friends.

"WHERE ARE YOU,YOU HEARTLESS PIECE OF SEWER CRUD?!",yelled an angry Brian,who was lugging around a baseball bat and ready to smash the living snod out of whoever committed the murders."YOU COULD GO AHEAD AND HIDE,BUT YOU CAN'T DO THAT FOREVER!"

But while he was still looking for the murdering creep,that same invisible force had lifted up a very sharp axe and flung it straight at Brian's head--and this time,it was right on target,for after the sharp blade of the axe had hit its target,Brian had no choice,but to drop dead to the floor.

And after the last of Toby's classmates has been struck dead,the invisible force has taken the solid form of Alexander Worthington,one of the house's ghostly inhabitants--and after he had looked at the three dead Baldwin-Wallace classmates,the gruff-looking Alexander said,"I've told you to get out of my house!"

But then,after heard some moaning and groaning going on inside one of the upstairs bedrooms,Alexander had turned his head towards that one bedroom and growled,"Why that sneaky little witch of a tramp!"

And after he had pulled the axe off the head of Brian's dead corpse,Alexander had ran upstairs,kicked open the bedroom door and noticed Toby and Victoria laying in the nude on the floor as a result of the both of them enjoying a moment of pure erotica.

"YOU FILTHY LITTLE SLUT!",roared an enraged Alexander,after raising the axe over his head and causing a frightened Victoria to place herself behind Toby."NOW IS THE TIME TO SEND THE BOTH OF YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL!"

But then,after he had charged towards the two lovers,Toby had pushed Victoria out of the way and allowed Alexander to trip on his foot,causing him to loose control of his balance and crash into the window.

And after Alexander had fallen screaming death,Toby had walked over to Victoria,helped her get back on her feet and asked,"Are you okay?"

"I'm quite fine,Toby.",answered a smiling Victoria,after she had placed a gentle hand on Toby's cheek."As long as I'm with you."

And then,after they had given each other a kiss on the lips,Toby had ran over to the smashed-up window,looked outside and became shocked at the sight of Alexander's body being nowhere to be found.

And that's not the half of it,for after he had turned towards Victoria in order to ask her what was going on,she had also disappeared,which had caused Toby to wonder about one thing:Has he and his now-dead classmates walked into an actual haunted house that they were planning to hold their Halloween party in--or was it all just someone's idea of a sick Halloween joke?

Well,Ladies and Gents.That was one of many such ghost stories that are indeed lurking around my head--and after having said that and telling you one of those stories,only this question remains:Is there anybody capable of topping this ghost story?