Smoky brown eyes of love's deep well,
Staring upon you, seeing your soul.
Filled with longing and a deep desire,
Fueling the fire within.
True compassion,
True forgiveness,
True love.
Look into the sparkling eyes, see it all,
The beauty hidden there,
The undying care.
Eternities embrace, heaven's delicate kiss,
Belonging to you, all a part of you.
Drinking it in, like the waters from the fountain of youth.
Longing, want grows.
Holding her close, lost within her large brown eyes,
The eyes that see that special part of you,
The part no one else has ever seen,
Only her.
She cares not what you are, or what you have done,
Only who you are.
Deep inside your heart and soul she sees,
Understanding every bleeding scar,
Every pain,
Every joy.
She feels it all, knows it all.
Her compassion fills the silence you feel in your heart,
Chases away all fear of the past,
The future.
All that matters, all you care about,
Is the here,
The now.
Being with her, alone beneath the moon and the sparkling stars,
No one else to tell you no,
No one to take her away from you.
Her heart belongs to you,
Only you.
Forever, and forever, and forever,
Her brown eyes gazing up at you.