Couldn't those eyes stay focused?
Losing themselves without word, without reason
Without even a tridonal whisper
Sacred in our tickled ears.
We were young then,
but life abounds with severe dolor.
Why didn't we get focused?
Shouldn't have lost ourselves.
Burgeoning love overwhelmed,
Too lated did we found the our sole distress
was that life became our notably feared incubus.
Officiously the murders came to strike
The Fates cut bartered the strings of our lives for the strings of our hearts
Which would of you prefered?
Would you have died with me in endless bliss
everlastingly mooning through the literally Godsent miracle known as heaven
holding onto my sweet hand
whispers those precious words.
If so, then I wish
that for one last time
we could just go back
to that false reality.
Before I depart from your violently protective side forever,
(since I'm never coming back)
I want to lose myself in your eyes
one last time.