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The world is forever changing. Thoughts, questions, wonders, and ifs have been around since the day Adam was born. And with these thoughts the world is constantly battling a never winning war. You see if the world is ruled by our imagination then everything would fall into chaos. God knew this so he granted a special gift to the purest soul he could find.

That soul was of a young boy by the name of Lazarus. Lazarus had brown hair and gentle, green eyes. He was a young merchant, only seventeen at the least. Lazarus guarded the world with his life, he went to the many dimensions in which were strong and conquering. He defeated them slowly as he grew more tired and weary. Soon God came to him, God told him to wed and bare a child. Lazarus nodded and did not question. He searched for a pure hearted woman, one that did not want money, beauty or fortune. He asked God how could he find such a woman. God replied that God would give him three tasks for the women that came to him, but God never told him the tasks. Instead God gave him a gorgeous palace, with maids, money, and jewels beyond his belief. Lazarus instantly told God that he did not need it. God replied he would in due time. Lazarus only nodded without question to his great leader. Next God gave him many small diamond bottles, with a sweet smelling mist inside. Lazarus had wanted to know what it was for, but did not ask. God knew what he was thinking and told him that it was for beauty who ever smelled the sweet mist would become beautiful beyond belief and then he said it would be needed soon. Lazarus did not ask of what God had meant. After that Lazarus was given status, status that was right next to the horrible leader that ruled the land. Making Lazarus next to the powerful and evil monarch. Once again Lazarus did not question God. At night God came to him and told him that these three things would help him find his pure hearted wife. Lazarus only nodded, trusting his immortal ruler.

The next day he found many women at his door. An old man came up to Lazarus and asked for him to wed his daughter. Lazarus blinked in confusion as he stared at the old man. He looked up at the blue sky and shining sun and smiled. This was the first step of the test. He told the old man to wait for the moment, as he went into his house and onto the balcony that over saw the streets of people watching the commotion. He told the many women and their fathers that he had three tests for them. In order to find his wife, he would have the women to sleep in a barn that was for pigs, to find their loyalty. Many of the women and their fathers frowned at the thought but they agreed to it.

The arrangement was for the women to sleep in a room at the barn for three nights. Many of the women left during the first night. The few that stayed were taken into the grand palace during their second night. The women were then given each a diamond bottle with the sweet smelling mist. Lazarus told each of the women that the bottle would give them beauty beyond imagination. They eagerly took the bottle to their room.

The morning after when Lazarus invited them down for breakfast the women eagerly came to flaunt of their newly acquired beauty. Lazarus looked passed those who used the bottle to those few who did not. He wondered why they had not used the mist to become beautiful, but he waved it off and dismissed those who were instantly beautiful.

During dinner he told them of his position and then asked what changes should he make for their country. One of the woman laughed and said." We are woman, we would not know."

Lazarus merrily smiled at her and waved her off. He then questioned the other. One woman replied that she would make sure all those who lived on the streets be banned from the city. Another argued and said that they should be given homes to live in. The few women argued over little things. He listened to them without batting an eye. One woman ate her dinner quietly. She herself had brown hair, like everyone else in the huge city. Her eyes though were hazel, rare like his green. She didn't say a word and it intrigued him. He looked at her and asked the question again along with the first idea that was said, of those who lived on the streets.

"I wouldn't know." She replied." If I were to bane them I would be heartless for there are many dangerous animals out there."

"And if you were to give them housing?" Lazarus asked her.

"If I were to give them a house, they would be lazy and not try and live their own lives without the help of others. Also if those who have worked to earn their keep see that those who do not, have free homes then a riot may start." The woman replied. Lazarus smiled at her.

The woman was named Reuel. She had come from a poor farm, whose father had been extremely greedy. Lazarus had instantly taken a liking to her when she first talked. With the blessing of God the two married.

A year later Reuel bore a child, a beautiful boy. They named the child Feivel. Feivel soon grew and also bore children. Then one day Lazarus died. He was killed be a man by the name of Lucion. Lucion soon disappeared. Feivel swore that once her found Lucion, that Lucion would die by the hands of his family. Feivel made the first mistake for his family. The words of revenge were fist spoken on Earth.

A century passed, it was during the time of Hedia. Hedia was the fifth one to be chosen to protect earth. Heida was cruel and allowed the thoughts to travel to Earth, ruining a peaceful cycle and allowing the first war to began. It soon appeared that Lazarus's decedents were evil, corrupted.

More happened through the years, and finally God gave up on the children of Lazarus. Seeing that they would never be like their forefather, the kind, wise and gentle Lazarus. In one last attempt to save the family he blessed them with a star, and hoped that that star would help the race of humans from destruction.

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