Do you remember me?
I was a tragedy
When I was young
I hated everyone
And now I'm more humane
I'll never be the same
I used to have a reason
To be the man I am

Do you remember the time
When we were eight or nine
You said that we were friends
I never heard the end
Of it all
Of it all
Not at all

You're sick

I feel I must inflict
A little touch of class
This friendship will not last
I never liked you back
You seemed so immature
And you were never sure

You used to ask my advice
As if I were Jesus Christ
And I had to defer
I asked if you would prefer
To be buried
Or cremated
When I'd murdered you.
So what did you do?
You took it as a joke

I never meant a word
It would have been absurd
But now you've got to wonder
Which of us has gone under...