Yesterday was busy
Tore a whole in the endless night
Panting, watched the stars fall down
Didn't fulfil my empty appetite.

Tomorrow, or today
(Depending when ends night)
Anticipating, wishes to make
Questioning if it's right.

And I don't think you could understand
The air I'm forced to breathe
You think you've seen it all before, Know
Just what lies beneath my sleeves.
You think you've solved my mysteries
Know it all, know it all
Honey you don't know nothing yet
Never will. You never will.

One day I will make
A moped that can take me right
Fly me fast away from expectations
But not now, not tonight.

I still feel your taste
Nectar's fruit, not quite ripe
Your fire still burns strong
Desire crawls upon me every night
I know what I need
Its not what I want, not quite
And it'll never satisfy
My constant empty appetite.

I know you'll never understand
How you tear me up apart
I cant match where you've been before
It breaks my silent heart
I wish and wait for a night so far away
From here, And from you
When your eyes take me face to face
Drown me. Drench me through.

Yesterday was the last
Fell through a whole in the endless sky
Panting, I watched the sun beat down
Didn't fill my questions why.