To the one who makes me happiest: Thank you for being here for me, for your
understanding and patience, and for letting me know how much you care.
The title is yours to make.
Love always,

The emptiness inside me grows,
Spinning on a wheel.
Years go by and no one knows,
How much pain I feel.

All I know is loneliness,
I'm trapped inside my soul.
No one even notices,
I cannot reach my goal.

That all changed when I met you,
You filled my heart with care.
I look back at my other view,
Now how did I get there?

You opened up your heart to me,
And gladly I went in.
In the storm, you sheltered me,
Stayed with me 'til the end.

Here I wish to always stay,
I pray this never ends.
It gets better every day,
You must be my godsend.