Just look, my dear,
Oh, Kitty dear,
Just crane you neck and stare up high,

Just look my dear,
Oh, Kitty dear,
Lend me a moment, just a bit,
And one great hazel eye.

Can you see,
Oh Kitty dear?
No, look past the streetlight's glare!

Don't gaze so low,
Oh, Kitty dear,
Just look up, past that, over there!

Can you see it, Kitty dear?
The moon so big and round!
The satin sky, so bright this night,
With sable clouds abound!

You see, my dear,
Young Kitty, dear,
Does Witching Hour's beauty not amaze?
What do you think, oh Kitty dear,
With such a feline, hazel gaze?

Being human, Kitty dear,
A human being, Kitty dear,
With so many great minds behind me,

You'd think, my dear,
My hazel-eyed dear,
There'd be something timelessly quotable,
Something quite perfect to see.

You'd think, my dear,
When so inspired,
By this natural display, you'd think that I,

Could think of something,
(Kitty Dear) More profound,
More meaningful in the big scheme of things,
Than potatoes in the sky.

But Kitty dear,
I'll try again,
To think of a thought wise enough for one so bright,

I must confess (dear),
No matter how hard I look,

All I see is potatoes in the night.