If we leave behind
We get ahead
And I'll be damned if I'm the scrub
I'll be damned if I trust you
Government can protect us
With their delusions
None of which
Can be proven
You're another part of the cauldron now
Just like me
I'll shoot you
To get ahead
I'll shoot you
If you have a better car
I'll shoot you
Because you don't trust me
I feel so nervous
A little bit self-conscious
I may just not sign this paper right
I may just say a word too slight
I don't trust you
I don't trust you
I don't trust you
I don't trust you!
I may just shoot you
Its competition
It's win-lose
We'll be hounds for money
Its capitalism
I'm gonna work night and day
So I can get a better pay
The wife saying it's ruining our lives
That'll all end when she's materialized
I hail my nation, endorse a flag
I embrace my capitalism
You'll lick my boot
And like it
Because I'll have gotten a promotion!