Shadow Graffiti

I see his signature on the signs
The little wings
The haunted eyes
The shadows dark and incomplete
Suggests the hardships
This endeavor did meet

If the people could fly
They'd draw on the sky
Painting the clouds
Like rainbows
Borrowing light from the stars
To brighten the night sky

I see his signs and I wonder
What made him do it
Way up there above the head
Of passing millions
Day in day out
Yet never be seen
smiling darkly to himself
As his work is demeaned

Deemed vandalism
Trash from the street
Yet he is someone
Of greater means
A large studio
Overlooking the bay
Fronted by many a man
Who wish to be as he

Yet he only wishes to fly
And that he does
Stealthily climbing the signs on the highway
The tools of his trade in hand
And in an instant a scene is there
Words that mean naught but to him
And those who look up and wonder

~This is about a guy I know who draws on highway signs. His signature is an eye with wings. Beneath it are the words 'I can fly' .