(Edit on August 30th 2008 – Hey, I wrote this story the summer before I started high school, I know it's not an excuse for the lame quality but I at least wanted to give you an explanation. heh. If you look in my author profile, you'll see I have two books published. The reason why I mention that is because back in 2004, a story I had posted on FictionPress called "Mirror" got picked up by a publisher and was published as A Mirror Image to give it a more unique name than just "Mirror." When "Mirror" was on FictionPress, I had so many requests from people to write a story about the past of two of the characters from "Mirror" than I made this prequel to it, "A Distorted Image." One day I plan to craft this story more thoroughly because honestly it deserves a rewrite. so until then, bear with me on the lameness and I promise there will be a polished version. Thanks so much again to the people who've reviewed, added this story to their favorites, just everything. It means the world to me that people read my work at all, especially this older stuff.)

"I got a call from the school," the lady said, pouring herself a cup of coffee before she went to sit down at the kitchen table. When she sat down, she sat in front of her husband, who had been reading the newspaper before she had spoken. He now had the newspaper down on the chair next to him, and he asked "What did the school call for?" "He got another detention," she said as she took a sip of her coffee. "My god, another? What for this time?" her husband said angrily. "Punching another student a few times. He's going to get suspended for three days if anything happens again," she said. "Suspended? He cannot afford to get suspended! He's got poor grades as it is - if he's suspended for three days, he can't make up his work. It'll push him back even farther. He's been skipping school again, too. I'll call the school to make sure he's there, he's not," he said. "Do you want us to start driving him to school?" she said, taking another sip. "We're going to have to," he said.

He looked up at the clock, and he saw it was 7:45. Class started at 8:10. "Did you wake him up?" he asked. "Yeah, it'll just be a few minutes," she said. He stood up from the table and walked towards the hallway, where he saw the stairs that would lead up to the attic were down. "We've got to get going," he yelled up into the attic. "What do mean 'we'?" he heard his son's voice say. "Your mother and I are driving you to school from now on. We know you've been skipping classes, and we're not going to let you continue doing this," he said, then walking away.

"Shit," he mumbled as he went searching through his room. He had one boot on his foot, and he was searching for the other. His backpack was already up on his bed with everything packed on it, all he needed was to find his other boot.

"Come on Holden, hurry up, we need to get going!" he heard his mother yell. "Hold on a second," he yelled back, then looking under the bed. He saw the boot lying there, and so he pulled it out and quickly put it on. "Goddamn, how did it even manage to get under there?" he thought to himself. He grabbed his backpack off his bed, then walked down the attic stairs and then pushed them back up into the ceiling. He heard the car start outside, and so he quickly went down the stairs and outside. He sat in the backseat of the car, and as they pulled out of the driveway, his mother started talking.

"Now Holden, we know you have detention this afternoon," she said. "Yeah, I know," he said, trying to ignore them. "If you get one more detention, you'll get suspended for three days. You're not doing well in your classes already, you'll only put yourself behind more if this keeps happening," she said. Holden didn't say anything as he turned his head to look out the window. "You're only sixteen, Holden, you've got your whole life ahead of you. You're taking your driving test next week, and soon, you're going to be an adult. You need to start taking control of your life, we don't want you to end up somewhere where you'll be miserable," she said. He still continued to look out the window as she spoke. They soon pulled up to the school, and he quickly got out of the car.

"Keep me interested sometime, don't tell me the same thing you do every time you give me that talk," he said to himself as he shut the car door. He walked away from the car, quickly leaving the drop-off/pick-up area the school had, and walking towards the cafeteria. The usual groups of people stood around in their spots, not noticing him passing through the area. He then walked into the outdoor portion of the cafeteria, he saw the usual group of friends that he sat with at their table. As he got closer to the table, his friend Jordan looked up and saw him, to which he waved and called him over. The two girls and the other guy in their group saw Jordan wave, so they turned around. As they saw Holden there, they then also waved.

"Woah, you're here early," Jordan said, pushing a chair towards him. "Yeah, I know, my mom and dad are being assholes, they're going to start dropping me off early here and all that," he said, sitting down. "Well hey, look on the bright side? You get to hang out with us longer?" Andrea said. Andrea was sitting to the left of Nate, and on the other side of Nate sat Rachele. Holden then noticed that their friend Casey wasn't there. "Where's Casey?" Holden asked. The group of them laughed a little bit, before Nate said "Casey's bothering a bunch of Senior girls." "Now why is he doing that?" Holden said, putting his backpack up on the table and pulling out a book. "Don't know, he randomly was like 'Hey, do you think I should talk to them and try to annoy them?', we didn't stop him," Rachele said.

Andrea started to talk about something, but laughter distracted the group at the table. They looked towards where the vending machines were, and they saw their friend Casey standing there, talking to a group of four girls. Casey said something, and a cheesey smile went across his face. Three of the girls looked at him in shock, while one of them tried to cover her laughter. Casey looked over to the girl that had laughed and nodded, then seeing the three girls get angry at the one who had laughed, then abandoning her there with Casey.

"Great, now what did Casey do?" Andrea asked. "Probably said something about their hair looking crappy, you know how girls are about that," Jordan said. "Hey! I wouldn't get insulted if you said my hair was crappy," Rachele said. "Stereotypes, Rachele," Nate said, then looking over at Holden. Holden was reading something in his science book. "Since when do you study?" Nate said, but Holden didn't look up.

The rest of the group looked over to see what Casey was doing, and they saw that Casey was talking to the girl the others had left there. It looked like Casey was explaining why he had gone over there, and eventually, he pointed towards their table. She pointed to make sure she knew which table he was talking about, and she nodded. Casey then tilted his head towards the table, and the two of them started walking over.

"Shit, Casey! Don't bring her over here," Nate said. "Why not?" Jordan said. "Because, eh, we don't get along?" Nate responded with. "Come on, you're the only other Senior around here, she's one of you," Jordan said, to which Andrea mumbled "One of us, one of us." "We have a freshmen," Jordan said, pointing at Rachele, "three sophmores,", then pointing towards Holden and himself, "one junior," pointing at Andrea, "and one senior, which would be you, Nate. So deal with it." Nate sighed, then sat back and kept quiet when the girl had been at the table.

Casey finally arrived at the table with the girl next to him. "Hey guys," Casey said. The rest of them responded with a "Hey" towards him, except for Holden, who was too busy reading. "Hey, this is Jes-, holy shit, Holden, you're here early?" he said, then finally seeing Holden there. Holden nodded without lifting his head to look up at him. "This is Jessica," Casey said. "Hey," Andrea said to her. "Over here we have Rachel, Nate, Andrea, Jordan, and of course, Holden," he said, pointing at Holden. "Nice to meet you guys," she said. "Want to hang out with us? I saw the preps you were around before, and damn-" Before Jordan could finish his sentence, he was kicked by Nate in the knee. Jessica laughed a little bit, and she said "Sure, why not?"

She sat down in the empty seat next to Holden, who still had yet to look up from reading his book. "What's your name again?" she asked him. Holden finally looked up, and he saw Jessica sitting next to him. "Holden," he said. "Like Holden Caulfield?" she asked. "Yeah, maybe," he said, continuing to read. "Don't be shy, Holden, not like she's going to bite you," Casey said from across the table. "Yeah, you two are perfect for each other, let's see... you've both got the same hair colour and the same eyes," Rachele said. "No, I didn't say anything about me being shy, I'm studying, I need to make sure I pass this science test," he said, then continuing to read.

"I can help you study for it, if you want. I already took your science course, so it shouldn't be hard for me to help," Jessica said. "Okay," he said. "When do you have your class?" she asked. "First period," Holden said. The second after he had said "First period", the bell rang, indicating it was time to go to class. "Eh, yeah, I get to go take the test now," he said, standing up and putting his backpack onto his shoulder. "I'm sorry," Jessica said. "It's alright, I studied pretty well, I've got it covered," he said, then walking towards the building where his class was.

As he walked farther away, Jessica looked over at the rest of them sitting there, who all seemed suprised that Holden had gotten up that quick and left. "Is he always like that?" Jessica eventually said. "Yeah, he's quiet and not too friendly around people he doesn't know," Jordan said. "Well, I don't always have to be a stranger, do I?" she asked. Jessica turned towards Holden's direction, and as he was a few feet from his science class, she yelled.

Holden looked at the open door in front of the class, trying to see if anyone was standing in a shadow where he wouldn't be able to see them if it turned out someone was there to punch him. Before he could see in directly, he heard "I'll see you at lunch, Holden!" yelled loudly. He turned around and looked towards the lunch table he had walked away from and saw Jessica waving. Holden quickly waved as well, then going into his science class.